Shizen Energy Inc. Selected as 2015 Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist

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自然電力株式会社(本社:福岡県福岡市荒戸/代表取締役:磯野謙、川戸健司、長谷川雅也、以下「自然電力」)は、業界における模範的なリーダーシップとイノベーションを表彰する毎年恒例のプログラム、プラッツ世界エネルギー賞(2015 Platts Global Energy Awards)において、受賞には至らなかったものの、ファイナリストに選出されました。2015年のファイナリストは、四大陸の30を超える国々でノミネートされたおよそ200の候補から選定されており、日本からの選出は弊社が唯一となります。










Shizen Energy Inc. Selected as 2015 Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist


25th  December 2015, Shizen Energy Inc., a developer and IPP of renewable energy power plants in Japan, has been named a finalist while it did not lead to winning in the Platts Global Energy Awards, an annual program recognizing exemplary industry leadership and innovation. The 2015 finalists were chosen from nearly 200 nominees from nearly three dozen nominating countries and representing 4 continents and Shizen Energy Inc. is the only Japanese company.


Founded in 1909, Platts is the commodities information arm of McGraw Hill Financial and a premier source of benchmark price references, with news, data and information coverage spanning biofuels, carbon emissions, coal, electricity, oil, natural gas, metals, nuclear power, petrochemicals, shipping, sugar, grains and other agriculture products used in making ethanol and other biofuels.   Established in 1999 and often described as “the Oscars” of the energy industry, the Platts Global Energy Awards highlight corporate and individual innovation, leadership and performance excellence in 17 categories spanning the energy complex.


Shizen Energy Inc. is evaluated based on financial growth, innovation, net job growth, operational excellence, scope and strategic vision in the Rising Star Award (Company) category that recognizes the achievements of either a genuine startup business or an existing business that has moved into a brand new field.  The uniqueness of strategic business model is recognized that Shizen Energy Inc. established joint venture companies with juwi AG of Germany in 2013 soon after its foundation in 2011 so that it can provide full services from planning and development to fundraising, EPC and O&M, for renewable energy power plants, within the Group. Also, the innovative program of “Koshi Agriculture Boosting project” that will return some of the proceeds from electricity sales to the community are well evaluated.


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