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Here is the articles our crews interviewed, below.

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"We want to make our future with our own hands" - The hope of renewable energy

An innovative spirit drawn from many industries that plays a part in all of our lives

At the Recruit Group, placing hope and trust in entrepreneurial spirit, a sense of ownership, and the potential of individuals is the heart of our company culture. This mindset is also a key component of our day-to-day business and accomplishing it is the mission of our many enterprises. There are more than a few instances where the ideas and goals of each of our team members take center stage, and this in turn has naturally led to an environment that cultivates talented, freethinking individuals. This spirit now pervades the entire group, and has even been passed along by our past alumni as they head off into different fields. Ken Isono, a former member of the Recruit Group who now works in renewable energy as the representative director of the Shizen Energy Group, is one such individual.

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