Changing the World with Energy.

At the SHIZEN ENERGY Group, our employees are referred to as our crew.
This is because, in the same way that businesspersons and professional sportspersons are, they are paid professionals who work together as does the crew of a ship – and in this case the ship that they are the crew of is on a journey to change the world with energy.
As well as having the right mindset and skillset, being in good health both mentally and physically is critical to performing to their full potential.


MISSION/energy design.

We base our business model on electricity users' perspectives, in designing hardware and physical infrastructures, as well as in envisaging soft, intangible things surrounding them, such as forward looking sentiments and affection towards our renewable energy projects.

We believe that by applying such ideas to energy solutions, we can serve to different needs of the society. That is why we consider not only how to create renewable energy, but also how people can best use it. That is why our efforts span from building generation facilities to thinking of how best we can work with local communities and local industries who will live by the facility after we build it. In the end, we hope our "energy design" efforts on various locations will serve to creating a better society.


  1. Keep challenging
  2. Execute with integrity
  3. Keep building trust


Our Guiding Principles

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