Shizen Energy Group Completed Projects (as of end-Oct., 2018 )


*Plants our group contributed to with development or EPC

Shizen Energy Group Completed Projects

Sannan 2nd Photovoltaic Power Plant/Hyogo pref Karatsu Minato Wind Power Plant/Saga Prefecture Ishinomaki Numazu Photovoltaic Power Plant/Miyagi Prefecture Ohtawara city Terajuku3 Photovoltaic Power Plant /Tochigi pref Ohtawara city Terajuku2 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Nasumachi Toyohara Otsu Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Tsubatamachi Sakado Photovoltaic Power Plant(IPP) Obuse Matsukawa Hydraulic Power Plant Hokuto Takane-Ohinata Photovoltaic Power Plant/Yamanashi pref Takane Muko-Oshimo Photovoltaic Power Plant/Yamanashi pref Hokuto Takane-Kurosawa Photovoltaic Power Plant/Yamanashi pref Nasushiobara-shi Nabekake 3 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Takasago Nakasuji Photovoltaic Power Plant/Hyogo pref Green Factory Center Photovoltaic Power Plant (Expansion)/Fukushima pref Niigata Suzuki Farm Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant/Niigata pref Satsuma Sendai Photovoltaic Power Plant/Kagoshima pref Nasushiobara Sasanuma4 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Nasushiobara Sasanuma1 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Nasumachi Terako Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Kagoshima Kirishima Photovoltaic Power Plant/Kagoshima Prefecture Otawara city Terajuku1 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Onuma Photovoltaic Power Plant/Hokkaido Hirono Photovoltaic Power Plant/Iwate pref Shibushi matsuyama Oharataku Photovoltaic Power Plant(IPP) Miyazaki Takaharu Photovoltaic Power Plant/Miyazaki Prefecture Tainai Shizen Energy 2 Photovoltaic power plant/Niigata pref Yamaga Kahoku Photovoltaic Power Plant/Kumamoto pref Kunisaki 2 Shizen Energy Photovoltaic Power Plant/Oita pref Onomichi Mitsugi Photovoltaic Power Plant/Hiroshima pref Fukuoka Nougata Photovoltaic Power Plant/Fukuoka pref Shinja1 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Miyazaki Prefecture Koshi City & Kumamoto Flour Milling Co, Ltd. Photovoltaic Power Station/Kumamoto  pref Koshi Farm Project Photovoltaic Power Station/Kumamoto pref Ozu Photovoltaic Power Station/Kumamoto pref Kumamoto Kikuchi Shizen Energy Photovoltaic Power Station/Kumamoto pref Kumamoto Flour Milling Co., Ltd. Benten Photovoltaic Power Station/Kumamoto Sanwa concrete Co., Ltd. Photovoltaic Power Station/Yamaguchi pref Hiroshima Yuki Photovoltaic Power Station/Hiroshima pref Osaka Izumisano Photovoltaic Power Plant(IPP) Minabe2 Photovoltaic Power Plant(IPP) Wakayama Minabe Photovoltaic Power Station/Wakayama  pref Minami-ise Shizen Energy Photovoltaic Power Station/Mie pref Visual Vision Nasukarasuyama City Nanago Junior High School Photovoltaic Power Station/Tochigi pref Nasunogahara Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Nasu Toyohara 1 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Tainai Shizen Energy Photovoltaic power plant/Niigata pref juwi Shizen Energy Fukushima Tanagura Photovoltaic Power Station/Fukushima pref TeRaS Nishi-Izu Photovoltaic Power Station/Shizuoka pref Higashi-kiwa Photovoltaic Power Plant/Yamaguchi pref Shibushi Natsui Photovoltaic Power Plant/Kagoshima pref Shinja2 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Miyazaki Prefecture Miyazaki Takaoka Photovoltaic Power Plant(IPP) Miyazaki Tano Photovoltaic Power Plant/Miyazaki Prefecture Green factory center Photovoltaic Power Plant / Fukushima Pref Sukagawa-shi Tateyama Photovoltaic Power Plant/Fukushima pref Akita Ohdate Shizen Energy Photovoltaic Power Station/Akita pref Takeda-Kibougaoka Photovoltaic Power Plant/Oita pref Nasu Toyohara 2 Photovoltaic Power Plant/Tochigi pref Ikawa Project Photovoltaic Power Station/Akita pref Nisso - Kagoshima Photovoltaic Power Plant/Kagoshima pref Kumanishiki-Ajioka Photovoltaic Power Plant(Expansion)(IPP)/Kumamoto pref Kumanishiki-Ajioka Photovoltaic Power Plant/Kumamoto pref Nisso - Shiga Photovoltaic Power Plant/Shiga pref Nobatake Photovoltaic Power Plant/Oita pref

Engineer, procure equipment, construct



We select and position equipment and facilities, and ensure the civil engineering, wiring and power transmission are suitable for the characteristics of the land in order to maximize power generation. Making the best use of our global procurement network, We procure the necessary equipment and facilities from all over the world when building a power plant.Then, we purchase them with reasonable price, and collectively manage import and logistics.
In the construction of power plants, cooperating with local enterprises, we develop land, install racks, panels and substation facilities, and implement civil engineering and electrical work.


Why choose juwi Shizen Energy?


juwi Shizen Energy delivers you the power of "Global & Local," maximized.

juwi Shizen Energy Inc. is an international joint-venture set up by Shizen Energy Inc. from Japan and juwi AG from Germany in January 2013. The company inherits and brings you expertise and know-how of juwi AG, a leading global EPC (engineering, procuring and constructing) service provider in the world of renewable energy.


We provide you with electrical equipment layouts and civil engineering designs best and suitable to client needs and to land conditions, by using our proprietary simulation models, established through juwi AG's experience in building 4,200MW (as of the end of December, 2016) of renewable energy power plants across the globe.


The global procurement network juwi has built since its inception in 1996 and its experience in building 3,700MW (as of the end of June, 2016) of renewable energy power plants across the globe, are leveraged in selecting and procuring equipment pieces suitable to your project. One of our strengths lies in how we select our suppliers. In selecting trustable strategic partners in procurement, we not only assess financial standings of potential suppliers, but also conduct our independent examination of 15 quality assurance checks on suppliers' products.


Our execution capability in constructing a plant is another factor that differentiates us. Our international team of both Japanese and non-Japanese construction managers work with local civil engineers, leveraging know-how and experiences on the both sides. High generation efficiency is realized by real-time, on-site adjustments to the original design and layout plans and by true attention to details.


4.Operation and Maintenance

After completion of construction, operation and maintenance hold a key in sustaining high generation efficiency. Shizen Energy Group provides this service for 20 years following the completion of the plant.

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juwi Shizen Energy Achievements

When it comes to the location for constructing power plants that use renewable energy like sunlight and wind, there are various characteristics depending on the project like properties and current conditions of the land, climate, etc. The knowhow we have cultivated all over Japan and throughout the world allows us to construct optimal power plants under various conditions.

Completed constructions by juwi Shizen Energy


About juwi AG

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When it comes to the location for constructing power plants that use renewable energy like sunlight and wind, there are various characteristics depending on the project like properties and current conditions of the land, climate, etc. The knowhow we have cultivated all over Japan and throughout the world allows us to construct optimal power plants under various conditions.

Achievements (as of December 2016)


Photovoltaic power Approx. 1,600 projects with a total power generating capacity
of 2,200 megawatts
Wind power Approx. 150 sites consisting of 900 windmills with a total power
generating capacity of 2,000 megawatts


Photovoltaic power Approx. 640 megawatts
Wind power Approx. 1,130 megawatts

For more about juwi AG

With world-class technologies and experiences that juwi AG accumulated on a global basis, juwi Shizen Energy brings you high-quality renewable energy power plants.

juwi AG's projects
  • Morbach Energy Landscape(Germany)Morbach Energy Landscape(Germany)
  • Mehringer Hohe Wind Farm(Germany)Mehringer Hohe Wind Farm(Germany)
  • Solar Power Plant Coface-Arena, Mainz(Germany)Solar Power Plant Coface-Arena, Mainz(Germany)
  • Torreilles Solarpark(France)Torreilles Solarpark(France)
  • Palasport Evangelisti(Italy)Palasport Evangelisti(Italy)
  • Drachevo(Bulgaria)Drachevo(Bulgaria)
  • Guanacaste Windpark(Costa Rica)Guanacaste Windpark(Costa Rica)
  • Mervadar Gujarat(India)Mervadar Gujarat(India)
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