Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Changing the World with Energy.

Sun, Wind, Water, Green and Earth.

Nature's blessings on our planet carry great potentials of energy but remain unutilized. We aim to unleash their potentials by using latest technologies and by efficiently transforming them into renewable energies. And our effort does not end with just creating energy. Carefully considering what lies at the end of energy we create, everything from people's lifestyles to local industries, and thinking of not only ways to create renewable energy but also how people and industries can best use our energy. With our vision "Changing the World with Energy," our business strives to create energy for future all over the world, across countries.

Our Mission


We base our business model on electricity users' perspectives, in designing hardware and physical infrastructures, as well as in envisaging soft, intangible things surrounding them, such as forward looking sentiments and affection towards our renewable energy projects.

We believe that by applying such ideas to energy solutions, we can serve to different needs of the society. That is why we consider not only how to create renewable energy, but also how people can best use it. That is why our efforts span from building generation facilities to thinking of how best we can work with local communities and local industries who will live by the facility after we build it. In the end, we hope our "energy design" efforts on various locations will serve to creating a better society.

Core Values

④	1. Keep challenging 2. Execute with integrity 3. Keep building trust

Our Goals


5GW by 2022 (total power output, equivalent to electricity consumption of approximately 2.23million households*)
We build renewable energy power plants all over the world and facilitate a lifestyle with safe and sustainable electricity in many countries.

 *Assuming average annual electricity consumpton for a household in Japan(2.974kWh, based on a report by The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan in 2015), with electricity coming from 4GW of photovoltaic power and 1 GW of wind (land) power.


About Our Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo

Shizen Energy Group's logo symbolizes the ocean and earth. Our business traces its origin back to the founders' affection towards the nature, which sprung from their deep connection with oceans. For sustainable and safe future of our planet, not only benefiting from the nature's blessings, but also always giving back to the planet, so that people can live every day with peace of mind. We aspire to realize this philosophy through our business.

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