Shizen Energy Farm Inc.

Company Overview: Shizen Energy Farm Inc.

Company Name Shizen Energy Farm Inc.
Headquarters 3503 Anjo, Nishinoomote City, Kagoshima Prefecture 891-3432
Representative Director Ken Isono
Establishment May, 2013
Capital 500,000 yen (as of end-May, 2017)
Description of Business Aspects such as the production, sales, and marketing of agricultural products
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  • Email us
  • Call us: +81-3-3868-3391 (Shizen Energy Inc.) +81-3-3868-0344 (juwi Shizen Energy Inc.)+81-3-3868-0344 (juwi Shizen Energy Op. Inc.)
  • Photovoltaic (Mega Solar) Power
  • Wind Power
  • Small Hydroelectric Power
  • electricity retail  business
  • Utilize your unused land spaces
  • Find contractors for your renewable energy power station
  • Find O&M service providers for your power station
  • side funding
  • side funding
  • Selling a power plant  (before/after start of operation)
  • careers
  • face book
  • PV power plant dictionary
  • juwi

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