Wind Power Business

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Characteristics of the Shizen Energy Group's
Wind Power Business

We will engage in small and middle-scale wind power projects of one to four windmills and one to eight megawatts and repowering (replacing windmills with larger ones) of existing power plants owned by municipalities or other entities.
The Shizen Energy Group takes on everything from land development to construction and post-construction operation/maintenance.
With an understanding of everything, including land characteristics and the construction process, we assume long-term operation/maintenance and will engage in integrated efforts so that we can maximize the amount of power generated.
We can also offer assistance with things like fundraising for construction of the power plant and commercialization of dormant projects.

Do you have any of these plans or issues?

  • Interest in wind power plants of one to four windmills and one to eight megawatts
  • Interest in updating or expanding existing power plant
  • Behind on maintenance at existing power plant
  • Interest in reviewing profitability of and expenses related to operation/maintenance of existing power plant

Achievements of the Shizen Energy Group's
Wind Power Business

Shizen Energy Inc. completed the first wind power plant in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture in February 2018. We currently has several wind power projects in the works in addition to the project in Hibikinada, Kitakyushu.

The founding members of Shizen Energy Inc. have been involved in the wind power business all over Japan over the past several years.
Germany-based juwi AG, the parent company of juwi Shizen Energy Inc. and juwi Shizen Energy Operation Inc., has constructed approximately 900 windmills and more than 150 power plants all over the world as part of its wind power EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) business, and the total output is around 2,000 megawatts. It also has an impressive achievement when it comes to O&M (operation and maintenance) at about 1,130 megawatts.(as of the end of June, 2016)
Leveraging this global/local knowledge and experience, the Shizen Energy Group will engage in the wind power business all over Japan.

Introduction Movie - Minato Karatsu Wind Power Plant Project -

Shizen Energy Group Concept

Through the construction and operation of power plants, we aim to give back to the community, fully utilizing business dealings and collaboration with local companies.
Additionally, stable operation of power plants is essential for the further spread and establishment of the renewable energy power generation business in Japan. To achieve that, we believe it is important to develop high-quality power plants and continue to support their operation.
By providing integrated services, the Shizen Energy Group will engage in our business responsibly on the premise of long-term collaboration.
You can entrust the realization of your wind power plant to the Shizen Energy Group with confidence.

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