juwi Shizen Energy to Power All Construction Site Offices and Company Housing with Virtually 100% Renewable, CO2-neutral Energy


juwi Shizen Energy Inc. (“juwi Shizen Energy”) will be gradually switching to Shizen Renewable Denki (SE100 plan) to power all of its construction site offices and company housing throughout Japan. Shizen Renewable Denki SE100 is virtually 100% renewable-powered CO2-neutral energy.

juwi Shizen Energy is constructing solar power plants in locations throughout Japan. As of September 2020, juwi Shizen Energy operates nine site offices nationwide, with plans for a total of 12 site offices and 40 to 50 company housing facilities by the end of 2020. The energy supplied to these sites will switch to Shizen Renewable Denki SE100, an energy retailing service provided by Shizen Energy Inc. (“Shizen Energy”). This switch to virtually 100% renewable-powered CO2-neutral energy is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 62.612 tons for every 130,248 kWh used per year(*). Renewable-powered CO2-neutral energy will also be procured for newly built site offices and company housing facilities for new projects going forward.

A view of the site office in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture

The energy conversion and industrial sectors produce the two largest shares of CO2 emissions of all sectors in Japan, comprising 65% of all emissions (*). Companies are now increasingly switching to CO2-neutral energy from renewable sources for their business activities as a tangible means to reduce their impact on climate change.

juwi Shizen Energy will continue striving to help create a sustainable society by building high-quality renewable power plants that are rooted in communities, while also reducing the environmental footprint of its own business activities.


  • Shizen Energy has been supplying electricity such as effectively 100% renewable energy and electricity with a CO2 emission factor of zero by purchasing non-fossil fuel energy (renewable energy designation) certificates. However, since non-fossil fuel energy certificates are purchased through market transactions, it might not be possible to acquire enough of them. Actual performance is reported on a fiscal year basis.
  • “CO2-neutral” indicates a CO2 emission factor of zero.
  • Estimated annual CO2 emissions at each site are our own independent calculations.
  • Ratio of CO2 emissions in Japan by sector -direct emissions in each sector- (Japanese only)