Shizen Energy Inc., and Subsidiaries (the “Shizen Energy Group”) is committed to comply with the Personal Information Protection Policy as described below to ensure that your personal information (within the meaning of Article 2.1 of the Act Concerning Personal Information Protection as amended (the “Act”). The same shall apply hereinafter.) is effectively protected so that you can use our service in a secured manner.
The governing language of this privacy policy shall be Japanese. If there is any inconsistency or contradiction between English version and Japanese version, the Japanese version shall prevail even if there is an English translation for reference purpose.

We shall properly collect, use, provide and deposit your personal information.
It is the Shizen Energy Group’s understanding that collecting, using, providing and depositing personal information against your will shall result in infringement of the rights, and be detrimental to our reputation as a business entity. To this end, we have prescribed rules in collecting, using, providing, depositing, or otherwise properly control your personal information.

1. Shizen Energy Group shall use your personal information for the purposes as set out below. If we use your personal information collected from you for any purpose other than specified below, we shall use the same to the extent as shall be necessary to accomplish stated specific purposes for which your personal information is collected.

  • (1)provide electric supply;
  • (2)give you relevant information or respond to your inquiries about out electric supply;
  • (3)give you relevant information for our goods and services;
  • (4)deal with any violation of Shizen Energy Group’s terms and conditions or policies relating to electric supply (hereinafter referred to as “Policies”);
  • (5)inform you of any modification or amendment to Policies, if applicable;
  • (6)improve our services or develop new service;
  • (7)administer employment or internal procedures (in relation to personal information pertinent to directors, officers and employees of Shizen Energy Group);
  • (8)comply with procedures for administering shareholders, or required by the Companies Act or other laws and regulations (in relation to personal information pertinent to shareholders, holders of warrants, or other stakeholders of Shizen Energy Group); and
  • (9)meet all other purposes incidental to the foregoing.

2. Shizen Energy Group reserves the right to reasonably modify the said purposes of use of personal information, and you shall be informed of, or we make public, such modification, if any.

3. Unless otherwise required by relevant governmental authorities or the laws and regulations, we shall not disclose nor provide your personal information to any third parties except with your prior consent. If we provide your personal information to our service providers, we shall bind such service providers to a written agreement of confidentiality to ensure that they shall maintain your personal information in a proper manner.

4. We shall take all actions to preclude loss, destruction, alteration, and unauthorized disclose or leak of your personal information. In addition, we shall take all reasonable information security precautions to discourage or avoid unauthorized access and virus.

5. We shall comply with the laws and regulations or other rules applicable to personal information (in particular, the Act), in processing your personal information, and act in accordance with applicable internal procedures. We shall provide all employees, directors and officers with training, and make them aware of importance of personal information protection.

6. We shall have effective compliance program in place, and implement, maintain and persistently improve such program.

7. We may send you information relating to our services or goods made available to you, by email, brochures, leaflets or booklets. If you do not want us to send you these promotional materials, please contact us at such email address indicated below to stop doing so.

8. Upon request from you to disclose your personal information pursuant to the Act, after confirming the identity, we shall disclose it to you without delay (or inform you that no personal information related to you exists), except to the extent we are not obligated to do so under the Act or other relevant laws and regulations. You shall be charged a fee at 1,000 yen per disclosure.

9. Upon request from you to make correction or deletion of, or addition to, your personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Act (hereinafter referred to as “Correction”), by reasons that such personal information is not accurate or true, after confirming the identity, we shall carry out necessary investigation without delay to the extent necessary to accomplish the purposes for which it is collected, and make proper Correction of your personal information based on the results thereof, and inform you of such Correction (or our determination that we shall not make such Correction), except to the extent we are not obligated to do so under the Act or other relevant laws and regulations.

10. Upon request from you to implement suspension of use or deletion of your personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Act (hereinafter referred to as “Suspension of Use”), by reasons that your personal information is processed except as required for the purposes for which it is collected, or is acquired by falsehood or other fraudulent means, or to implement suspension of provision of your personal information pursuant to the provisions of the Act (hereinafter referred to as “Suspension of Provision”), by reasons that the personal information is provided to third parties without your consent, and such request is justified, after confirming the identity, we shall implement Suspension of Use or Provision of the personal information without delay, and inform you to that effect, except to the extent we are not obligated to do so under the Act or other relevant laws and regulations.

11. For inquiries about how to make a request for disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use/Provision, or submit any suggestion or question, lodge a complaint, or about other processing of your personal information, please send us the following information to our inquiry form as below.

12. Cookie
Shizen Energy allows advertisement from third parties to be posted on our website, and such third parties may acquire and use cookies of users visiting our website in connection with such advertisement. The cookies acquired by such third parties shall be treated in accordance with their respective privacy policies. Users may access an opt-out pages created within such third parties’ website to suspend the use of the cookies for distributing their advertisement.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer, which include access history and information you entered that are transmitted or received between your browser and server when using webpages. When you access to the same webpage in the future, the operator may customize displays for each customer using information included in cookies. If your browser settings permit cookies to be received and transmitted, the webpage may obtain cookies from your browser.
Your browser shall only transmit cookies that are received and transmitted through the website server for your privacy.
For settings, you can select one of options from “ALLOW ALL COOKIES”, “BLOCK ALL COOKIES” and “USER WILL BE NOTIFIED IF COOKIES ARE RECEIVED”. Method of settings may vary according to browsers you use. Please refer to Help menu of your browser for appropriate settings.
If you select “BLOCK ALL COOKIES”, you shall not be able to use all services on the Internet (e.g. inability to use services which require authentication).