juwi Shizen Energy Operation Reaches 500 MW in Cumulative Total Power Generation Contracts


juwi Shizen Energy Operation Inc. (“jSEO”), which specializes in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of renewable power plants, reached a cumulative total of 500 MW in O&M contracts throughout Japan in August 2021.

As a specialist in the operation and maintenance of renewable power plants, jSEO has been providing world-class O&M services at a total of over 100 solar and wind power plants throughout Japan since launching its business in 2013. In August 2021 jSEO reached a total of 500 MW in cumulative total contracts (equivalent of usage by 219,000 households*1) as well as over 300 MW at sites where O&M has already begun.


■ Exemplary projects
jSEO handles maintenance and operation of multiple extra-high voltage solar power plants, including Kagoshima Kirishima Solar Power Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture (operating since 2016, output: 20 MWp) as well as Iwakuni Yuu Solar Power Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture (operating since 2021, output: 23.5 Mwp) which went into commercial operation in July of this year. In the next few years, jSEO also expects to begin providing O&M services at extra-high voltage solar power plants in the Kanto and Tohoku areas in particular. One of the characteristics of O&M in the Tohoku area is that services must include removal of snow that covers the solar panels. jSEO will also be rolling out measures to reduce power generation loss due to snow at other large power plants such as Akita Odate Shizen Energy Solar Power Plant in Akita Prefecture (operating since 2015, output: 2.2 MWp) and Osato Solar Park in Miyagi Prefecture (operating since 2019, output: 28.8 MWp).

The company also started service at the Shibushi Matsuyama 1st, 2nd, 3rd Solar Power Plant (output: 2.2MWp) solar sharing (farm-based solar power generation) project that the Shizen Energy Group developed in Kagoshima Prefecture in April of this year. jSEO will continue offering services tailored to diversifying power generation businesses in Japan, including for roof-mounted equipment at plants and facilities.