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Linking renewable energy with people and regions

SHIZEN ENERGY undertakes power plant development, funding procurement, and management for SHIZEN ENERGY power plants.
Everything starts with a plan for a power plant that will be rooted in, and bear fruit for, the area in which it is built. We visit numerous candidate areas for the power plant, where perform an environmental analysis and through discussions with residents, local government, power companies, and other stakeholders, develop a plan for a plant that perfectly suits the region in question. Then, we explore all avenues to finance the construction of the power plant, including investor matching and investment funds.
In addition to photovoltaic power, we are also expanding into wind power and small-scale hydroelectric power.

Applicable fields: business development, business promotion, asset management, etc.

Building renewable energy power plants

Using the technology, experience, and purchasing network developed by juwi through its global business activities, we ensure the design of a power plant as well as the associated procurement and logistics suit the area of Japan that is to host the plant. Our work also involves coordinating with the company that will construct the power plant as well as performing on-site monitoring of construction work. Ahead of the completion of a project, the project manager plays a vital role in leading the way in activities including schedule and budget management, and in communicating with contractors, local communities, and other stakeholders.

Applicable fields: Engineering, procurement, project management, construction management, operational monitoring, etc.

Maintaining renewable energy power plants to ensure continuous electricity generation

In order to ensure the stable and continued operation of completed power plants, we leverage the data and troubleshooting capability that juwi has built up through its activities around the world to perform remote monitoring, repairs, data gathering and analysis, and other operations essential to the operation and maintenance of a renewable energy power plant. We also leverage the knowledge of the SHIZEN ENERGY Group to provide not only a comprehensive service from development to construction, but also to provide a third-party diagnosis and evaluation service regarding the design and construction of power plants that are already complete.

Applicable fields: O&M, etc.

Creating and developing an organization to promote renewable energy

In order to ensure business progresses smoothly into the future, we are in the process of building, from scratch, an environment and systems that facilitates our employees’ work as much as possible in order to form the foundation for this organization as it aims to become a company that will still be in business a century from now.
We have a diversity of operations, including dynamic accounting that utilizes bookkeeping methods from various fields such as real estate and construction, legal affairs spanning a wide range of contractual areas, and human resource operations that oversee the recruitment and training of a diverse range of people.

Applicable fields: general affairs,
accounting, legal, HR, PR, etc.

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