Co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet

We provide every service to accelerate and co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet.

  1. Power Business

    Power Business

    By using a diversity of natural energy sources instead of relying on a single method of generation, we aim to realize a world entirely run on renewable energy.

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  2. Regional Solutions

    Regional Solutions

    We propose a new form of town planning by taking advantage of the features of renewable energy power generation.

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  3. Making Electricity

    Making Electricity

    Our renewable energy power generation business is based on diverse power sources, to commit to a 100% renewable-powered planet.

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  4. Using Electricity

    Using Electricity

    We distribute electricity from our self-built and self-managed renewable energy power plants, providing a more cleaner renewable based electricity to households, business (office bulldings, factories, shops, warehouses), and municipal facilities.

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Shizen Energy Group Introduction (Video)

Shizen Energy Group Introduction (Video)