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SHIZEN ENERGY,Inc. (hereinafter "SHIZEN ENERGY") shall protect personal information provided by applicants,and use such information appropriately as described below.

1. Use of information

Information provided by applicants shall be used by juwi SHIZEN ENERGY Inc. and juwi SHIZEN ENERGY Operation Inc. (hereinafter “SHIZEN ENERGY Group”) for the purposes of making recruitment decisions,checking recruitment criteria,handling inquiries,and administrative contact,etc.

2. Shared use

Information received from applicants shall be shared among the SHIZEN ENERGY Group in accordance with the following.

SHIZEN ENERGY’s HR manager shall have responsibility for shared information

Scope of shared useSHIZEN ENERGY,Inc.,juwi SHIZEN ENERGY,Inc.,juwi SHIZEN ENERGY Operations,Inc.,
Purpose of shared useTo facilitate recruitment activities in the SHIZEN ENERGY Group

3. The full SHIZEN ENERGY Inc. policy regarding the handling of applicant information can be found here.

Please read this policy and check the checkbox below to indicate that you understand and accept it.

Handling of applicant information * I agree with SHIZEN ENERGY’s policy on the handling of applicant information.

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