We take action for the blue planet.

The three founders were raised in the nature-rich countryside of Japan. Shizen Energy was started from the simple mindset “be the change”, three months after experiencing the tragic nuclear accident in 2011.

We believe the biggest impact to sustain our beautiful blue planet is accelerating the energy transition to a 100% renewable-powered planet.

While the human environmental footprint rises and climate change advances, the key to accelerate the energy transition is to connect the “grid of common purposes” of our friends and partners across the globe and work hand-in-hand. We can co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet so more people can live happily ever after on this planet.

Both global and local issues are core to our values. We take pride in solving the underlying issues in society using renewable energy. Our challenge is creating a new economic system which drives continuous long-term investment towards our future.

Rather than uniform globalization, we value globally connected local communities.

We will take action to sustain the blue planet by creating the business models of the future.



Co-creating a 100% renewable-powered world.



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