We take action for the blue planet.

We take action for the blue planet.

The three founders were raised in the nature-rich countryside of Japan. Shizen Energy was started from the simple mindset “be the change”, three months after experiencing the tragic nuclear accident in 2011.

We believe the biggest impact to sustain our beautiful blue planet is accelerating the energy transition to a 100% renewable-powered planet.

While the human environmental footprint rises and climate change advances, the key to accelerate the energy transition is to connect the “grid of common purposes” of our friends and partners across the globe and work hand-in-hand. We can co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet so more people can live happily ever after on this planet.

We will take action to sustain the blue planet by creating the business models of the future.

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Our Story

The origins and footsteps of Shizen Energy.

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Our Commitment

In our activities aiming to achieve a sustainable society in which people coexist with nature, we shall transcend the energy business and also provide support to groups who share our aspirations.

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Our Goal

5GW by 2022 (total power output, equivalent to electricity consumption of approximately 2.23million households*)
We build renewable energy power plants all over the world and facilitate a lifestyle with safe and sustainable electricity in many countries.
*Assuming average annual electricity consumpton for a household in Japan(2.974kWh, based on a report by The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan in 2015),
with electricity coming from 4GW of photovoltaic power and 1 GW of wind (land) power.

  1. 2018

  2. 2030



Total power generation project achievements = 1GW

  • Group Developments1,321.7MW
  • Operating1068.0MW
  • Under Construction137.1MW
  • Advanced Development116.6MW
  • Early Development6,023.1MW
  • OP 977.1MW
  • UC 70.9MW
  • ED 4,239.6MW
  • ED 277.5MW
  • OP 17.6MW
  • UC 14.5MW
  • ED 206.7MW
  • OP 4.1MW
  • UC 3.7MW
  • ED 298.4MW
  • OP 4.2MW
  • UC 13.3MW
  • ED 67.4MW
  • OP 56.0MW
  • ED 261.0MW
  • ED 455.7MW
  • ED 193.9MW
  • OP 8.8MW
  • UC 34.7MW
  • ED 47.0MW

*Completed Projects has plants our group contributed to with development or EPC.
*As of Dec. 2023


  • Crews488 *As of April. 2024

  • Diversity28+Nationalities*This includes interns.

  • Our projects in operation9 countries

    Our projects in operation

Group Companies

About Shizen Energy Group and Overview of each company

  • Shizen Energy Inc.
    Shizen Energy Inc.

    Development, financing and management of renewable energy power plants.

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  • JUWI Shizen Energy Inc.
    JUWI Shizen Energy Inc.

    EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) businesses of renewable energy power plants.

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  • JUWI Shizen Energy Operation Inc.
    JUWI Shizen Energy Operation Inc.

    O&M (operation and maintenance) business of renewable energy power plants.

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  • Shizen International Inc.
    Shizen International Inc.

    Development and asset management of renewable energy power plants for SE international operations.

    Official Website
  • Shizen Energy Brazil Ltd.
    Shizen Energy Brazil Ltd.

    Development, financing and management of renewable energy power plants in Brazil.

    Coming soon
  • FazSol Renewable Energy Ltd.
    FazSol Renewable Energy Ltd.

    Development, financing and management of renewable energy power plants in Brazil. (Subsidiary of Shizen Energy Brazil Ltd..) *Portuguese Only

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  • Nagano Denryoku Inc.
    Nagano Denryoku Inc.

    Development of renewable energy power plants, electricity retail, and community development (communication and infrastructure services).

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  • Shizen Energy Farm Inc.
    Shizen Energy Farm Inc.

    Sales and marketing for agricultural products.

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Investee Companies

  • Alamport Inc.
    Alamport Inc.

    Development, planning and investment support in the energy field in Japan and Southeast Asia.

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Our Locations

Domestic office locations for Shizen Energy Group.

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