Basic Policy on Information Security

The Digital Business Department (“the Department”) at Shizen Energy Inc. provides information system services for co-creating a 100% renewable-powered planet together with like-minded people all over the world, with our stated mission “We take action for the blue planet.”
In our ongoing business activities, we consider it an essential social responsibility to safeguard the security of the personal information and information assets of our customers and ensure the safety of our customers, group companies, and business partners. Along with our separately defined Personal Information Protection Policy, we define the following Basic Policy on Information Security, declare the Department’s basic approach to information security, and have executive officers, employees, and employees of business partners engage in ongoing information security measures.

  • 1.The Department makes it a top priority to engage in preventive measures to protect against the loss, theft, unauthorized use, alteration, and leakage of information assets that customers have entrusted to us, while fulfilling the social responsibility of the company and aiming to deliver continuous services to our clients.
  • 2.The Department will also make maximum use of its own information assets and implement the proper security measures according to the importance of these assets.
  • 3.This Basic Policy shall apply to the information assets handled by the Department as well as the equipment and facilities used to safeguard information assets, and the executive officers and employees who belong to the Department, as well as employees of business partners.
  • 4.The Department establishes information security management systems, sets information security goals each year, establishes organizations and systems for the continuous maintenance to achieve these goals, and makes regular revisions and ongoing improvements.
  • 5.The Department clarifies methods for managing information assets that should be safeguarded, conducts analysis from the standpoint of threats and vulnerabilities, and assesses the applicable risks. The Department takes priority measures against risks that impact the most important information as determined in risk assessments.
  • 6.Taking technological advancements and changing workplace conditions into consideration, the Department works to revise and improve this Basic Policy and related rules to safeguard information assets entrusted by customers and the Department’s own information assets from threats.
  • 7.The Department conducts proper training for executive officers, employees, and employees of business partners, and abides by information security-related laws and regulations, contractual obligations, and social norms.

Enacted July 1, 2022
Representative Directors Ken Isono, Kenji Kawado, Masaya Hasegawa
Shizen Energy Inc.