We take action
for the blue planet.

PURPOSEWhy we do what we do

The three founders were raised in the nature-rich countryside of Japan. Shizen Energy was started from the simple mindset “be the change”, three months after experiencing the tragic nuclear accident in 2011.

We believe the biggest impact to sustain our beautiful blue planet is accelerating the energy transition to a 100% renewable-powered planet.

While the human environmental footprint rises and climate change advances, the key to accelerate the energy transition is to connect the “grid of common purposes” of our friends and partners across the globe and work hand-in-hand. We can co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet so more people can live happily ever after on this planet.

Both global and local issues are core to our values. We take pride in solving the underlying issues in society using renewable energy. Our challenge is creating a new economic system which drives continuous long-term investment towards our future.

Rather than uniform globalization, we value globally connected local communities.

We will take action to sustain the blue planet by creating the business models of the future.

VALUESWhat we value

  • Enjoy the planet
    Enjoy the planet

    Feel and enjoy the home planet. Cherish time in nature, and feel its tenderness, severity, and changes. (by sometimes getting out of the office!)

  • Challenge
    ChallengeGet out of your comfort zone.
    You can be the change.

    There is no growth without challenge. Do not rest on your laurels, and humbly seek areas of further improvement. Don’t stay in your comfort zone and always have a fresh mind to find an innovative solution. Do not blame others when you face challenges, and find and solve problems on your own. Spotting many challenges equals targeting high aims. Always question the status quo, and make continuous Kaizen.

    Keep in mind that failure is the nourishment to the better future. You must be the change and you must take initiatives to solve problems. Utilize the opportunity to grow yourself.

  • Trust
    TrustInspire others by aiming for the excellence.

    The future we believe in cannot be realized just by one individual. You must become an inspiring individual with excellent(“great”)skills and character, and also collaborate with your crews to achieve impact as a team. Inspire others, Involve communities, partners and other stakeholders as team, and expand the infinite circle of trust.

    Trust only grows based on mutual respect. Always pay respects to all stakeholders, act ethically, and also make efforts to win respect from them. Commit to exceed expectations, and sincerely receive and improve on constructive feedback. Your actions will lead to increase our team.

  • Integrity
    IntegrityCommit to impact the long-term future.

    There is no customer on a ship called Earth. Everyone is a crew. Commit to solving the climate change issue and never forget the overall goal. Is your decision true to the future we believe in? Does it lead to solving the ultimate issue? Do you see the forest before putting too much attention to trees? Do you have a focus on issues, not on people? Does your work respond to the needs of the society?

    When challenged by conflict of values, always go back to asking whether the decision is leading to approaching the desired future with the fastest speed.

VISION & ACTIONThe future we foresee

Co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet.