Social Media Policy

Shizen Energy Inc., and Subsidiaries (hereinafter “Shizen Energy Group”) hereby adopt and shall comply with this Shizen Energy Group Social Media Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) concerning the operation of Shizen Energy Group’s official social media accounts and use of social media services by all employees who work for and with Shizen Energy Group (hereinafter “crew”).
This guideline applies to all media that allow content to be accessed by numerous users, including blogs, social media, and video sharing platforms.

1. Purpose of using social media

By disseminating information through its social media platforms, Shizen Energy Group aims to deepen the understanding among users about its brand value and services, as well as its philosophy and culture.

We acknowledge social media as an effective means to engage in dialogue with various stakeholders, and will actively transmit content about our daily activities through social media platforms, in addition to the news updates that we make through press releases.

2. Attitude towards using social media

Shizen Energy Group engages in dialogue with sound judgement and common sense, understanding that social media represent forums for communication between individuals. We also understand that because social media allows information to be disseminated to a vast worldwide audience, information once posted may never be able to be taken back entirely.

  • 1.Comply with national and local laws and regulations as well as the “Shizen Energy Group Behavioral Guidelines”, employment regulations, social media policy, and other internal rules.
  • 2.Be cautious of the way content is presented, and make an utmost effort to avoid distributing incorrect or misleading information. If content that has already been posted include incorrect information or misleading/inappropriate language, promptly apologize and make necessary revisions.
  • 3.Comply with the rules of third-party social media accounts and respect their own cultures and manners.
  • 4.Respect the rights of third parties such as intellectual property rights and privacy rights, and be considerate not to harm the reputations of others.
3. Policies on operation of social media
  • 1.In the event of a conflict between this Policy and the terms and policy of a social media site on which Shizen Energy Group provides its services, the terms and policy of the social media site shall take precedence.
  • 2.Those that manage Shizen Energy Group’s official social media accounts are prohibited by Shizen Energy Group from conducting the following acts (including acts or preparatory acts which may trigger the following acts).
    If a user breaches any of the clauses of the terms, Shizen Energy Group may delete the content that the user has posted on the site without prior notice, in accordance with the form and extent of the breach, and may take other necessary measures.
    • a.Any act that defames or slanders other users, third parties and/or Shizen Energy Group (including Shizen Energy Group’s affiliated companies);
    • b.Any act that infringes the property rights or privacy of other users, third parties and/or Shizen Energy Group (including Shizen Energy Group’s affiliated companies);
    • c.Any act that infringe the intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, and portrait rights) of other users, third parties and/or Shizen Energy Group (including Shizen Energy Group’s affiliated companies);
    • d.Any act to transmit or write harmful computer programs;
    • e.Any act that offends public order and morals, or constitutes or may constitute criminal behavior;
    • f.Any act to use or preparing to use social media for commercial purposes;
    • g.An election campaign or any similar act, or any other act that aims to propagate political and/or religious agendas;
    • h.Any other act that hinders operation of the services;
    • i.Any other act considered by Shizen Energy Group to be inappropriate.
  • 3.We will respond to direct messages or messages through comments received through our social media platforms as necessary.
    For inquiries about HR and other services, please contact us here.
4. Disclaimer
  • 1.Shizen Energy Group does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, fitness for purpose or other matters with regard to the information provided by users as part of the social media platform services (such as “Reply”, “Retweet”, “Comment” and “Share” etc.). Shizen Energy Group will also not accept any liability for damages caused to users or third parties as a result of this information.
  • 2.Any interpretation and application of the social media services and these terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any dispute arising from or in connection with the services shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.