1. Shizen Energy completes and begins commercial operations of a solar power plant in Otaki village, Nagano prefecture
  2. juwi Shizen Energy Operation Opens New Office in Kansai Region, and Kansai Office to be Consolidated
  3. Fukuoka Satellite Office Relocation
  4. Shizen Energy Launches Renewable Energy Aggregation Service   for Supply and Demand Management and Optimal Control  to Realize FIP, Off-site PPA and Self-Consignment  ~Shizen Connect: Originally Developed Aggregate Energy Management System~
  5. Top Glove Corporation Bhd and Shizen Malaysia Sdn Bhd execute a first Corporate PPA for solar rooftop in Malaysia
  6. Shizen Energy Sells Shares of Solar Power Plant in Vietnam to ENEOS Group
  7. Shizen Energy and Swancor Renewable Energy agreed on joint development of offshore wind project
  8. Aisin Thai Automotive Casting (Aisin Group) and Shizen Energy / Constant Energy execute a Corporate PPA to expand its current solar rooftop operations to 3.7MW
  9. Group Company of Shizen Energy sold a majority stake  on 5 solar power plants to GreenYellow in Brazil
  10. Our thoughts on the Sixth Strategic Energy Plan
  11. Change in a Representative Director at juwi Shizen Energy Operation
  12. Acquisition of Six Solar Power Plant Facilities in the Kyushu and Chugoku Areas