Shizen Energy Starts Construction of Its First Foreign PV Power Plant – Rooftop PV Power Plant in Collaboration with Local Business in Indonesia –


On November 24, 2018, Shizen Energy Inc. (Headquarters: Arato, Chuo-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka/Representative Directors: Ken Isono, Kenji Kawado, Masaya Hasegawa, hereinafter “Shizen Energy”) and their local partner in Indonesia, PT Petro Trada Nusantara (Headquarters: Indonesia/President Director: Roy Wijaya, hereinafter “PTN”), announced the start of construction of a rooftop PV power plant at a factory of a major manufacturing company (hereinafter “the Client”) located in the industrial area nearby Jakarta.

In recent years, the electrification ratio has rapidly increased in Indonesia. However, as the geographic characteristics of the country is comprised of various islands, the establishment of a national-scale electric power supply and transmission grid system is a difficult option to meet the whole country’s energy demands. As a result, individuals and corporations need a reliable and affordable power development and distribution system, even in areas with access to the grid, due to the grid’s high costs and challenges in reliability.

There has been a significant increase in the adoption of solar power considering the ample sunlight and optimal weather conditions across Indonesia, and the fact that solar power is not susceptible to the changes in fuel prices and power demands as a distributed energy resource. As a result, PV power plants have become a propitious option for renewable energy, as Indonesia continues to make a strong commitment to renewable energy and intends to pursue energy reforms.

In response to such market trends, Shizen Energy and PTN are collaborating for the implementation of the 1.4MW rooftop PV power plant at the Client’s factory. The power plant will allow the Client access to a stable and inexpensive, as well as an environmentally friendly source of power for the manufacturing of their products.

Since the know-how of PV power plant development and management is not sufficiently attainable in Indonesia, Shizen Energy will partner with a local PV power plant developer for the construction of the plant and share experiences cultivated through Shizen Energy’s extensive business experience in Japan. This pioneer cooperation aims to further grow and explore PV power plant technology and operations in Indonesia. Shizen Energy and PTN have already shared plans to continue cooperative development efforts over the next few years, including active collaboration in the development of a potential Giga Watt (GW) scale solar power plant business. “We trust that the future expansion of our experience in solar power plant development, along with the partnership with PTN, will ultimately contribute to local business development and the Indonesian government’s energy goals,” commented Masaya Hasegawa, Shizen Energy’s Representative Director.

Shizen Energy believes that global expansion is the next stage in the growth of the business. The company is looking to position its first foreign project as the starting point in the development and management of high-quality renewable energy power plants rooted in each countries’ local community and needs, the establishment of a sustainable global society, and the expansion and acceptance of renewable energy domestically and internationally.

[About PT Petro Trada Nusantara]

PT Petro Trada Nusantara is a subsidiary company from PT Surya Utama Nuansa, a renewable energy technology company in Indonesia with a focus on solar energy. The company was established in 2015 and it provides cutting-edge, integrated renewable energy solutions at competitive prices. Our end-to-end customized solutions cover utility-scale, business solutions and residential segments.

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[About Shizen Energy Inc.]

Founded in June 2011 with the mission of “Changing the World with Energy,” Shizen Energy contributes to the generation of approximately 1 gigawatt (as of the end of February 2019) worth of renewable energy across Japan. It is engaged in all services required for the installation and operation of solar, wind power, small hydroelectric and other renewable energy power plants, such as development and EPC (engineering, procurement, construction), O&M (operation and maintenance), and asset management. The company has begun the constructions of the photovoltaic power plants around the world since 2018 starting from Asia and South American Region such as Indonesia and Brazil.

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