Shizen Energy chosen by METI to perform feasibility study in Brazil


Shizen Energy has proposed, and been chosen by METI to perform a feasibility study on the installation  of solar power plants and provision of digital services to Japanese customers located in industrial zones in Brazil. The group will investigate and analyze the technical and regulatory aspects related to the generation power plants, and carry out commercial verifications.


Most of Brazil’s electricity generation has traditionally relied on hydropower. Nevertheless, recent years’ dry seasons and economic uncertainty have supported the Brazilian government’s push to upgrade its electricity mix, thus promoting the introduction of renewable energy. Solar power generation has been slower in developing than wind and biomass power generation, but the market expanded rapidly in recent years. *

Considering the solar power generation market’s development, and the ongoing discussion about the regulatory framework surrounding net-metering projects, it is important to validate the premises and build the right business model. 


Shizen Energy established a local subsidiary, Shizen Energia do Brasil Ltda in Brazil in 2018, and has developed a total of 6 projects totalling about 6MW on off-site power plants. The company is betting on an offering based on third-party ownership of on-site generation facilities. The feasibility study will serve to confirm the group’s premises, and call upon potential partners.


“We are very glad for the opportunity to leverage our capability to rally local experts, and to help pioneer the usage of Japanese technology in Brazil. We expect to use the experience to connect with other Japanese players working in Brazil, and to continue investing in the Brazilian market.” says Bruno Suzart, Shizen’s country manager in Brazil.


Advocating “We take action for the blue planet” as its purpose, Shizen Energy will continue to meet the needs of Brazil in the future, utilizing the know-how of renewable energy power plants installed in Japan.


* IEA. [Total energy supply (TES) by source, Brazil 1990-2019]


[About Shizen Energy Inc.]

Founded in June 2011 with the mission of “We take action for the blue planet.”, Shizen Energy group has contributed to the development of approximately 1 gigawatt (as of the end of December 2019) worth of renewable energy across Japan. It is engaged in all services required for the installation and operation of solar, wind, small hydroelectric, and other renewable energy power plants, such as development, EPC (engineering, procurement, construction), O&M (operation and maintenance), electricity retail market, and asset management. The company intends to construct photovoltaic power plants in countries around the world, beginning with the regions of Asia and South America. More specifically, in 2018, it launched the construction of such plants in Indonesia and Brazil. 

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