juwi Shizen Energy Cumulative Completed Construction Reaches 500 MW

2022.10.03[Press Release]

juwi Shizen Energy Inc. (juwi Shizen Energy), a company specializing in the design, procurement, and construction (EPC) of renewable energy power plants, has achieved a cumulative total of 500 MW of completed construction throughout Japan in September 2022.

juwi Shizen Energy is an international joint venture established in January 2013 by Shizen Energy Inc. of Japan and Germany’s juwi AG, one of the world’s leading wind and solar power development and EPC companies. juwi Shizen Energy has now reached a total of  502 MW (DC) of completed construction in Japan. The company is also currently constructing power plants amounting to a total of above 200 MW (DC), which includes Azuma Kofuji 1 Solar Power Plant (100MW) and Pacifico Energy Sanda Mega solar(121MW), which are two of Japan’s largest scale power plants.  It plans to achieve a cumulative completion of 1 GW by 2027.

Moving forward, juwi Shizen Energy will also work on development of projects, including EPC, based on the knowledge it has accumulated through its EPC achievements. Shizen Energy Group will strive to strengthen its development capabilities for renewable energy power plants, for which demand is expected to increase even further.

juwi Shizen Energy has completed a variety of projects to date on the strength of its engineering capabilities and teamwork that combine “global” with “local. “

The juwi Shizen Energy team consists of more than 150 professionals with diverse backgrounds, including members with expertise in Europe and other advanced renewable energy countries, members who are familiar with various regions of Japan and the procedures required for development, and senior members who have overseen numerous construction sites in Japan as site managers. Together as a team, juwi Shizen Energy is continuously working to construct high-quality and high-efficiency power plants in Japan.

■Major Projects
In September 2013, juwi Shizen Energy completed its first project, the 1.1MW Ozu Solar Power Plant in Ozu, Kumamoto Prefecture. Since then, the company has steadily built up a track record by taking on a variety of projects in various climate conditions such as heavy snowfall areas, and also various types of landscapes such as former pig farms and golf course sites. Here are some recent projects:

Pacifico Energy Mega-solar Power Plant
Pacifico Energy Sano Mega-solar Power Plant, which started operation in May 2022, is the largest solar power plant ever completed by juwi Shizen Energy, with an output of approximately 54 MW.

The power plant was constructed on a former golf course site in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, and is expected to generate approximately 62 million kWh of electricity annually. The construction and handover was completed two months earlier than originally planned due to successful EPC.

Press release: https://www.shizenenergy.net/en/2022/06/06/jse_peksano_completion/

Kikuchi Shisui Solar Park
The Kikuchi Shisui Solar Park with an output of approximately 15 MWp (DC) constructed in Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture, has been developed and is being managed by the Shizen Energy Group for the entire process from development to EPC and O&M.

The power plant, which began operation in June 2020, utilizes a 200,000㎡ site that was once a chestnut orchard for tourists, and generates approximately 17.5 million kWh/year.

juwi Shizen Energy managed the project in smaller lots than usual, and each lot was handed over to the next phase of civil, mount, and electrical work, reducing time loss and achieving early completion in a construction period of only 10 months.  In addition, by installing control basins that cover the entire catchment area of the power plant, the design is prepared for heavy rainfall and sediment overflow.

Press release: https://www.shizenenergy.net/en/2020/12/03/jse_kikuchishisui/

Jan Warzecha, juwi Shizen Energy Representative Director commented, “We are really proud of the achievement of the last 9 years. We have gathered a competent team of passionate professionals able to cover all EPC tasks in-house. By combining the expertise of juwi and Shizen Energy, we have been providing global-level but localized EPC services. We continue to aim for the best service for our customers solving the challenges that come with project development and construction.”

Christian Cronje, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at juwi Group commented, “I would like to congratulate juwi Shizen Energy on this significant milestone, which is a testament to the vision, determination and hard work of the team over many years. This achievement also signifies the important contribution of the company towards the increased use of renewable energy in Japan.”

Masaya Hasegawa, Representative Director of Shizen Energy Inc. has added, “I am truly proud of the team for this great achievement.The challenges that juwi Shizen Energy took on to take action for the blue planet has borne great fruit. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the local residents and partners who supported these projects as one team along with juwi Shizen Energy. We hope that further development of the renewable energy industry will contribute to the deterrence of the climate crisis.”

Career information
juwi Shizen Energy is currently recruiting for several positions, including a project manager to manage power plant construction projects in a global team.
Shizen Energy Group Career website: https://www.shizenenergy.net/en/careers/

juwi Shizen Energy will contribute to building a sustainable society through the construction of high-quality, community-based renewable energy power plants, utilizing the knowledge and expertise it has accumulated in Japan and overseas.

【About juwi Shizen Energy Inc.】
juwi Shizen Energy is an international joint venture established in January 2013 by Shizen Energy Inc. and juwi AG – a German company that is a world leader in wind power, solar power development, and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction). As of September 2022, juwi Shizen Energy has completed EPC projects for solar power plants with a combined output of approximately 502 MW (DC), including extra-high-voltage solar projects, throughout Japan. The company is also currently constructing power plants amounting to a total of above 200MW (DC). 

 ・Headquarters: 5-33-10 Hongo, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo 
 ・Representative Directors: Jan Warzecha
 ・URL: https://www.shizenenergy.net/en/about/juwi-shizen-energy