Press Release

  1. Shizen International Forms Capital Alliance with Kyuden International
  2. Shizen Energy is going to sign MOU on One of the Largest Floating Solar Facilities in South East Asia
  3. Shizen Energy Group and Alam Nix Renewables Complete 1MW Solar Power Plant in Indonesia
  4. Nishitetsu and Shizen Energy Establish Joint Venture to Expand Renewable Energy Generation Business <br> ~Combining renewable energy power plant development and energy management to contribute to the decarbonization of companies and municipalities in the Kyushu area~
  5. Shizen Energy Concludes Solar Farm Agreement for  17 locations in Brazil for a Total of 33.4 MWP
  6. Shizen Energy’s Aggregate EMS “Shizen Connect”  <br> added with EV Smart Charging Function
  7. Shizen Energy and Constant Energy Concludes Corporate PPA with Panasonic Energy (Thailand) for 1,169 kWp Solar Rooftop Operation
  8. Shizen Energy to Provide Renewable Energy Power Supply Service to Tokyo Tatemono Utilizing On-site PPA and Off-site PPA with Self-Consignment Scheme Using Rooftop Solar Power
  9. Shizen Energy Launches Renewable Energy Aggregation Service   for Supply and Demand Management and Optimal Control  to Realize FIP, Off-site PPA and Self-Consignment  ~Shizen Connect: Originally Developed Aggregate Energy Management System~
  10. Top Glove Corporation Bhd and Shizen Malaysia Sdn Bhd execute a first Corporate PPA for solar rooftop in Malaysia
  11. Shizen Energy Sells Shares of Solar Power Plant in Vietnam to ENEOS Group
  12. Shizen Energy and Swancor Renewable Energy agreed on joint development of offshore wind project