Press Release

  1. Shizen Energy and Alamport received the order of 4.5MW Rooftop Solar Power Plants at factories in Indonesia
  2. juwi Shizen Energy Starts Construction of 121MW Solar Park on former golf course in Hyogo Prefecture
  3. Announcement on the development and commercial operations of  new solar power plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture ~Third project completion with Tokyo Gas Group~
  4. Shizen Energy Group’s First Biomass Power Plant  Completed in Kagoshima Prefecture Aiming to Be a Local Recycling-Oriented Power Plant Utilizing Local Unused Materials
  5. Shizen Energy and Alamport Started Construction of 4.2MW Rooftop Solar Power Plants at Pharmaceutical Factories, Vehicles Dealers, and Timber Factories in Indonesia ~Direct Supply of Renewable Energy Contributes to Reducing CO2 Emissions~
  6. Shizen Energy Introduced Microgrid for Preventing and Reducing Disaster in Sustainable Farm & Park “KURKKU FIELDS”  in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture
  7. juwi Shizen Energy Starts Construction of 100MWp EPC Project “Azuma Kofuji 1 Solar Power Plant” in Fukushima Prefecture
  8. Disaster prevention and risk reduction aimed solar generation facilities and storage batteries installed in Karatsu City Purification Center Optimal control systems balancing supply and demand at new and existing power generation facilities
  9. Shizen Energy Achieves Commercial Operation of The First Solar Project in Vietnam
  10. Tokyo Gas to Join Joint Venture for Offshore Wind Projects in Japan
  11. Shizen Energy completes construction of a solar power plant in Brazil to supply Power to Bank of Brazil
  12. Aisin Thai Automotive Casting (Aisin Group) and Shizen Energy / Constant Energy execute a Corporate PPA for a first solar rooftop in Thailand