Shizen Connect selected by Tokyu Land Corporation for TENOHA Higashimatsuyama Grid Storage Battery Project

2023.08.03[Press Release]

Shizen Connect, an aggregate energy management system developed and operated by Shizen Energy Inc. (Shizen Energy) has been selected for the grid storage battery project at TENOHA Higashimatsuyama in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture, operated by Tokyu Land Corporation.

This project will utilize the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s FY2022 program which  promotes the introduction of large-scale storage batteries for the grid. Tokyu Land Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation (ITOCHU), PowerX Inc. (PowerX), and Shizen Energy have formed a partnership to promote this project and expand the grid storage battery business.

■Background and overview of the project

As the movement toward carbon neutrality in 2050 accelerates, and the development of renewable energy sources such as solar power generation advances, the demand for storage batteries is expected to increase to provide “flexibility” in countering output fluctuations.

In this project, PowerX’s storage battery system (rated output 1.8 MW, rated capacity 4.9 MWh) will be used for the first time in Japan in a grid storage battery project.

In addition, for the introduction of PowerX’s grid storage battery system, ITOCHU will be responsible for the arrangement to design and build the overall storage battery system required for the battery storage project, and will also be responsible for the procurement of control equipment and other equipment in addition to PowerX’s storage battery system. Shizen Energy will be commissioned by Tokyu Land Corporation to control the storage batteries using Shizen Connect, an aggregate energy management system developed and operated by Shizen Energy, and to manage the “flexibility” generated by this system in the wholesale power market, the supply and demand adjustment market, and the capacity market.

The storage batteries will be installed at “TENOHA Higashimatsuyama” in the “ReENE SOLAR FARMS” operated by Tokyu Land Corporation, with construction scheduled to begin within fiscal 2023 and operation to commence within fiscal 2024.

Through this project, the four companies will establish a framework for grid storage battery systems and will continue to contribute to the stabilization of Japan’s power system by pursuing other projects in the future.

Project developer

Tokyu Land Corporation

Project name

TENOHA Higashimatsuyama Storage Battery Plant


1423-1 Kaminomoto, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama

Rated output


Rated capacity


Storage battery system construction

ITOCHU Corporation

Storage battery manufacturer

PowerX Inc.

Battery type

Lithium-ion battery

Storage Battery Management

Shizen Energy Inc.

Site area

approx. 400㎡

Start of operation

FY 2024(schedule)

■Overview of partnership


The four companies have decided to form a partnership in order to utilize the know-how and strengths of each company in the promotion of a new energy storage business that is about to become full-scale. The project will take place at TENOHA Higashimatsuyama, which is located within the ReENE SOLAR FARMS Higashimatsuyama operated by Tokyu Land Corporation. In addition, while an increasing number of storage battery systems are being imported from overseas, PowerX is expected to be a promising domestic manufacturer, and by conducting this new initiative at TENOHA Higashimatsuyama, where many people can visit, the partnership believes it will help expand the use of grid storage batteries in the energy storage business.

(2)Purpose and content

  • With more energy storage facility projects expected in the future, the four company partnership will take advantage of each company’s know-how and strengths and work cooperatively on this project.
  • The experience gained from this project will be considered for expansion to other projects.


  • ITOCHU: Construction of optimal energy storage system and procurement of the overall storage battery system, including control equipment
  • PowerX: Development, production and delivery of storage battery system
  • Shizen Energy: Control of storage battery systems using Shizen Connect and energy management in various markets
  • Tokyu Land Corporation: Grid storage battery developer, provision of demonstration site, and overall project management

<Reference>ReENE SOLAR FAMRS Higashimatsuyama

Tokyu Land Corporation will provide a demonstration platform for renewable energy projects and agriculture by collaborating with various stakeholders and aims to create a participatory demonstration project for future technological development, business expansion, and regional collaboration.

  • TENOHA Higashimatsuyama

This project is operated as a community co-existence project that can be used in a variety of ways, including as a café, coworking space, and event space that can be used by the general public. In addition, there are exhibits that explain the content of the demonstration project.

Facility name

TENOHA Higashimatsuyama


1423-1 Kaminomoto, Higashimatsuyama, Saitama

Facility use

Cafe, coworking space,  event space

Operation time




Start of operation

December 2022




 PowerX 20ft High Cube (Containerized storage batteries)

・Size: 20ft container  (ISO standard )

・Battery Cell Type: LFP batteries

・Capacity: 2.7 MWh

・Place of production: Okayama Prefecture

*Image: Exterior design is subject to change without notice.

Shizen Connect

Shizen Connect is an aggregation energy management system that collectively controls energy resources such as renewable energy power generation, storage batteries, EVs, and EcoCutes. Shizen Connect can control residential solar power generation with storage batteries and  V2H equipment, as well as operation of microgrids connecting multiple buildings with transmission lines, and VVP construction of several thousand units of energy resources. Individual control and VVP control tended to be separate, but Shizen Connect provides a one stop service allowing energy resources to be utilized with multi-purpose which also  improves economic efficiency. The system can be adapted with any equipment supplier, allowing energy resources to be chosen freely without relying on a certain manufacturer.

Press Release (July 2023) Nishitetsu and Shizen Energy enter grid storage battery business

■Tokyu Land Corporation

■ITOCHU Corporation

■PowerX Inc.

■Shizen Energy Inc.

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