Nishitesu Shizen Energy’s proposals with Ukiha City and Kumamoto Prefecture selected for “Decarbonization Leading Areas” (4th round)

2023.11.09[Press Release]

Nishitetsu Shizen Energy GK’s joint proposals with Ukiha City, Fukuoka Prefecture and Kumamoto Prefecture have been selected as the “Decarbonization Leading Areas” (4th round) by the Ministry of Environment. 

Decarbonization Leading Areas are model regions that aim to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from residential and commercial electricity consumption by FY2030. This initiative, which aims to realize a decarbonized society tailored to local characteristics and to improve the attractiveness and quality of life in the region, received 54 proposals in the fourth round of applications, of which 12 proposals (12 cities/ towns and 1 prefecture) were selected.

■Plans for Ukiha City
The theme of the joint proposal by 10 parties including Ukiha City and Nishitetus Shizen Energy is “Creating a sustainable rural model to be enhanced through the integration of agriculture, tourism, and decarbonization: Building a regional economic circulation model centered on the fruit industry in the Fruit Kingdom of Ukiha.” With fruit as the city’s core local resource, the project will combine agriculture and tourism, as well as biodiversity conservation as a basis for agriculture, to achieve integrated decarbonization.

■Plans for Kumamoto Prefecture
Under the theme “Creation of RE100 Industrial Area around Aso Kumamoto Airport,” a joint proposal by four parties, including Kumamoto Prefecture and Nishitetsu Shizen Energy, will introduce solar power generation and battery storage to commercial facilities in the area around Aso Kumamoto Airport and adjacent industrial concentration centers. In addition, floating solar power generation on the dam lake and power generation from wood biomass are also part of the plan. The plan will accelerate efforts to attract companies that aim to achieve RE100 by providing renewable energy.

Nishitetsu Shizen Energy will work to decarbonize the Kyushu region and promote regional development based on renewable energy by providing renewable energy to the “decarbonization leading areas” of Ukiha City and Kumamoto Prefecture through the use of solar power generation and other renewable energy sources, and by proactively participating in the resolution of local issues.

■Overview of plans for Ukiha City 
Integrating agriculture, tourism and biodiversity conservation to create a decarbonized rural model.
Create a regional economic circulation model centered on the fruit industry in the “Fruit Kingdom of Ukiha”. 

・A new regional energy company will be established to play a central role in promoting green agriculture and decarbonization based on fruit and tourism farms, which are local resources, to create new added value as “SustainaFruit (tentative name)”. The project aims to create synergy with the Organic Village (promotion of organic agriculture), which will be supported by the “Green Food System Strategy Grant (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)”.
・Through biochar production using pruned fruit tree branches and abandoned bamboo forests, and reinvestment in biodiversity conservation activities by regional energy companies, the decarbonization of agriculture and tourism and the conservation of biodiversity will be promoted in an integrated manner. In addition, through the establishment of a “Nature Positive Learning Course (tentative name)” with a view to applying for certification as a place of symbiosis with nature, a mechanism will be established for local entities to conserve biodiversity and monitor changes.

Ukiha Tourism Future Development Corporation, Ukiha-no-Sato, Ukiha City society of commerce and industry, Landbrains Co., LTD., Nishitetsu Shizen Energy GK, Nishinippon Plant Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd., Nakayama Recycle Corporation,  Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Fukuoka Branch, JFE Engineering Corporation, Shizen Energy Inc. 

Role of Nishitetsu Shizen Energy 
Participation in solar power generation projects, including on-site PPAs at public facilities and off-site PPAs using city-owned land, etc.

Overview of plans for Kumamoto Prefecture 
Creation of RE100 industrial area around Aso Kumamoto Airport

・In conjunction with the arrival of TSMC, a world-class semiconductor manufacturer that advocates RE100, and related companies, solar power generation and battery storage will be introduced to private facilities in the area centered on Aso Kumamoto Airport and adjacent industrial clusters (Techno Research Park and Rinku Techno Park). In addition, floating solar power generation on the dam lake and woody biomass power generation will be introduced to accelerate the attraction of companies aiming for RE100 through the provision of renewable energy.
・Reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sector by introducing biogas power generation using industrial waste as a feedstock for hotel facilities and providing heat and electricity to nearby agricultural facilities.
・Establish a new prefectural-led regional energy company to provide renewable energy for consumer and industrial use through an intermediary contract and to provide it to municipalities.

Mashiki Town, Nishitetsu Shizen Energy GK, The Higo Bank, Ltd., The Kumamoto Bank, Ltd. 

Role of Nishitetsu Shizen Energy
Participation in solar power generation projects such as off-site PPAs using prefectural land and dam lakes


Ministry of the Environment website selected results of “Leading Decarbonization Areas” (4th round) Japanese only 


Overview of Nishitetsu Shizen Energy GK
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