Karatsu Minato Wind Power Plant Project

Supporting Local Agriculture with Wind Power


The Karatsu Minato Wind Power Plant Project was given the green light in January 2016 by the Karatsu City Council for Rural Village Revitalization by Promoting Renewable Energy, and involves the construction of a one unit wind power plant with a capacity of approximately 2MW on farmland in Saga Prefecture’s Karatsu City based on the Basic Plan regarding Revitalization of Rural Villages by Promoting Power Generation through Renewable Energy Harmonized with Sound Development of Agricultural Forestry Industries and Fisheries that was submitted to Karatsu City. It started commercial operation in February 2018 and the plan calls for a return of 1% of revenue from sales of electricity generated for the sustaining of local agriculture and future-focused support for agricultural activities in the region.

Karatsu Minato Wind Power Plant
Karatsu City Minato Wind Power Plant (foreground)