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EPC provides a one-stop service for engineering, procurement, and construction for power plants.


We select and position equipment and facilities, and ensure the civil engineering, wiring and power transmission are suitable for the characteristics of the land in order to maximize power generation. Making the best use of our global procurement network, we procure the necessary equipment and facilities from all over the world when building a power plant, purchase them at a reasonable price, and manage all logistics for their import.
In the construction of power plants, cooperating with local enterprises, we develop land, install racks, panels and substation facilities, and implement civil engineering and electrical work.

JUWI Shizen Energy Inc.


JUWI Shizen Energy maximizes the power of Global & Local.
Founded in January 2013, JUWI Shizen Energy is an international joint venture established by Japan’s Shizen Energy Inc. and Germany’s JUWI AG. It has received the technology and experience of Germany’s JUWI AG, which is one of the world’s leading EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) companies in the field of renewable energy.

  1. 1Engineering

    Based on JUWI’s experience of building renewable energy power plants with a total output of 4,200 megawatts around the world (as of the end of December 2016), JUWI Shizen Energy uses original simulation techniques to match the requirements of specific land and clients and create the optimum design in terms of electrical power and civil engineering.
    We also complete applications for connection to the grid with electricity companies.

  2. 2Equipment selection and procurement

    Using the global purchasing network JUWI has built up since it was established in 1996, JUWI Shizen Energy selects and procures the best equipment for each project.
    Indeed, one of our strengths likes in the way we choose our suppliers.
    Right up until the final decision is made for the selection of a trustworthy procurement partner, we use our own bespoke 15 item quality test for each item of equipment and also take into account the financial situation of each company.

  3. 3Construction

    JUWI Shizen Energy’s construction team, which is comprised of both Japanese and non-Japanese members, precisely executes the construction plan through teamwork with local construction partners to utilize the knowledge and experience of both parties.
    On site instant design adjustments and other precise and careful work increases the efficiency of electricity generation.

JUWI Shizen Energy’s record

The location of each photovoltaic, wind power, and other such renewable energy power plants project has a range of unique features, including differences in terrain and climatic characteristics. The knowhow built up by JUWI Shizen Energy around Japan and the rest of the world enables the construction of optimized power plants under a wide variety of different conditions.