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With the aim of stable operation for approximately 20 years, the O&M service provides the operation and maintenance suitable for a given power plant.


What holds the primary key to determining the ultimate amount of electricity generated by a power plant is its O&M (operation and maintenance). After the construction, it is essential to prevent failures and promptly trouble-shoot through appropriate operation and management in order to ensure that a renewable energy power plant installed in a natural environment can continue to generate power under the best conditions at all times.
JUWI Shizen Energy Operation has dedicated experts who have been involved in power plant operations home and abroad.
Additionally, leveraging JUWI’s experience engaging in the O&M business of wind and photovoltaic power plants worldwide with more than 1,800 megawatts of output, JUWI Shizen Energy Operation carries out long-term, stable power plant operations.

JUWI Shizen Energy Operation Inc.


JUWI Shizen Energy maximizes the power of Global & Local.
JUWI Shizen Energy Operation is JUWI Shizen Energy’s team of O&M specialists.
Combining the knowledge, experience and technology we have cultivated in Japan and around the world, we provide operation and maintenance services that take full advantage of our capabilities.

  1. 1Minimize downtime caused by failures

    JUWI has constructed natural energy power plants with a total output of around 4,200 megawatts around the world, and when it comes to O&M, the company has also managed photovoltaic and wind power plants that have a total output in excess of 1,800 megawatts around the world since 1999. For that reason, JUWI has extensive experience with and data on various cases involving different location and climate conditions. JUWI Shizen Energy Operation engineers possess specialist knowledge and skills, having been involved in power plant operations in Japan and other countries. By monitoring the status of operations at the power plant and quickly detecting/responding to failures and signs of failure, they work to minimize downtime.

  2. 2Timely replacement of damaged equipment

    JUWI’s procurement capabilities leveraging its purchasing network and its skill in negotiating with manufacturers in Japan and other countries make it possible to offer a quick response in the event that the equipment used becomes damaged.

  3. 3Integrated services from the time of onstruction/O&M-only services

    At power plants where JUWI Shizen Energy was in charge of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), we will take over O&M. We take responsibility and provide services from the construction stage to the operation stage with the aim of generating power in an efficient and stable manner for approximately 20 years.
    We can also take on O&M at power plants constructed by other companies. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.