Shizen Energy Group’s new Tokyo office “Tokyo Action Hub” is now fully up and running with Soil work and Overview Coffee on 1F


Shizen Energy Inc. and the Shizen Energy Group relocated its Tokyo office to Nihonbashi in December 2023, and the building will be in full operation from Wednesday, February 14.

New office concept “Action Hub”
Shizen Energy positions its offices as “a place to deepen understanding of social and community issues and foster connections,” rather than “just a place to work. Shizen Energy calls its four offices in Japan “Action Hubs” because it wants them to be hubs where people can take action and work with people and the surrounding community to realize its purpose: “We take action for the blue planet.”

What’s going on at Tokyo Action Hub 1F
The first floor of the Tokyo Action Hub will be shared by the cooperative office “Soil work” and “Overview Coffee Nihonbashi”, which will open on February 14.

– About Soil work
Soil work is a cooperative community offering work stations and lounge space for people who wish to improve society not only through the growth of economic capital, but also by maximizing cultural and natural environmental capital. Soil work is not only based in urban centers such as Nihonbashi, but also in local (regional) and nature (ocean, mountain, river) locations where community members are connected, promoting the exchange of people and ideas “from urban centers to local and nature” and “from local to local”.

Various events are planned to create collaboration between the Soil work community and Shizen Energy Group crew members.

Soil work website:

– About Overview Coffee
A specialty coffee roaster with a mission to contribute to soil restoration and climate change solutions. By rethinking the way coffee is grown and supporting regenerative organic farming that respects the health of the soil, Overview Coffee is helping to protect the environment and ecosystems while contributing to climate change solutions.

The Nihonbashi Coffee Stand will be Overview Coffee’s first coffee stand in Tokyo and will be a take-out shop. A full range of espresso drinks and hand-drip coffees will be available.

Overview Coffee website:

Shizen Energy will continue to use the Action Hub as a hub to create a variety of collaborations to help realize its purpose.