Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Our promise to society and the earth

In our activities aiming to achieve a sustainable society in which people coexist with nature, we shall transcend the energy business and also provide support to groups who share our aspirations.


Through 1% for Community® (a collective term for Shizen Energy Group projects to feed benefits back to local communities), we work to provide support to regional enterprises aiming to stimulate and create regional industry and find solutions to social problems.

  • Developing regionally-oriented power plants
  • 社会
  • Creating business


There are many things that we can do to create comfortable coexistence between humans and nature.
By being proactively involved in nature and adopting a new perspective on it, we shall seek a way forward to enrich the system itself that includes people and nature.

  • Umibu-Yamabu

    We provide opportunities for our crew and their families to come into contact with nature at sea and in the mountains, as well as experts in these things, and to learn.

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