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Local Power Retail

Local Power Retail

Renewable energy power plants enable energy to be consumed in the same area it is produced. Why not make effective use of the renewable energy resources in your own region.


We start and run renewable energy businesses for the purpose of making local electricity production and consumption a reality. We establish power plants using renewable energy in the form of solar, hydroelectric, and wind power, and make proposals for business schemes based on the premise that electricity produced in a given region will be used in that region.


In comparison with existing methods of electricity generation such as thermal generation and nuclear power, renewable energy power plants have enabled electricity to be generated with small-scale facilities.
As well as entailing environmental benefits through the use of clean energy in a particular region, the creation of energy produced using regional natural resources is also useful for addressing issues in each region, including its use as an emergency power source in disasters, feeding back income from electricity sales to regional activities, and the creation of new employment.
Shizen Energy leverages the characteristics of renewable energy generation to the maximum extent possible, and makes proposals for community development from the starting point of the energy business.


  1. 1Electricity retail business

    The electricity generated locally using renewable energy is sold as environmental value and electricity (using a FIT scheme) by an electricity retailer (Shizen Energy and companies registered as a retailer), and then provided to the local households that need it over general electricity distribution lines (as of January 2019).
    The operational support Shizen Energy provides for the provision of electricity includes the start-up of electrical retail business.

  2. 2Electricity generation business

    With the aim of producing and consuming renewable energy in the same region, Shizen Energy establishes and operates power plants that utilize renewable energy resources.

    Rooftop photovoltaic power plant
    We install rooftop photovoltaic power generation facilities, and provide inexpensive electricity generated directly by these facilities to the households that need it. Leftover electricity is sold using the FIT system.
    Photovoltaic (“mega solar”)/wind power/small hydroelectric power plants
    We develop and build power plants that match the terrain and resources of a region.
    See [Making Electricity] for details.
  3. 3Lifestyle infrastructure service business

    The lifestyle infrastructure service flows from the energy infrastructure business and is provided along with regional partners to solve problems specific to certain regions.

Case study in the Hokushin area of Nagano Prefecture

  • Electricity generation businessUsing a local water flow, the Obuse Matsukawa Small Hydraulic Power Plant was constructed. The design of the building takes into consideration the scenery, and maintenance work is performed with local people.
    Work is also underway on proposals for the installation of a rooftop photovoltaic power plant.
  • Electricity retail businessShizen Energy, Nagano Hokushin region cable TV company Goolight Co., Ltd., and the town of Obuse in Nagano Prefecture together established Nagano Denryoku Co., Ltd. (in Obuse).
    Currently, Nagano Denryoku is working as an agent with supply and customer support being provided by Shizen Energy.
  • Lifestyle infrastructure service businessA monitoring service using communication infrastructure with Goolight Co., Ltd. is currently under consideration.

Obuse Matsukawa Small Hydraulic Power Plant – Project Movie