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Solar Power Business

This is a method of generation that can flexibly adapt to the features of different types of land, and can take the form of a mega solar installation on a former golf course or a solar sharing project installed on agricultural land.

From mega solar power plants on former golf course sites to solar sharing on farmland, solar  power generation can be flexibly adapted to the characteristics of various locations.


The Shizen Energy Group provides a one-stop service from site development to construction, post-completion O&M and asset management. We work consistently to maximize power generation by understanding all the characteristics of the land and the construction process and seamlessly passing it on to the 20-year O&M team. With our experience and expertise, we are also able to offer services for financing the construction of new power plants and commercializing projects that may have been suspended.


  1. 1 Development

    We provide services for the initial stage of power plant installation, such as site surveys, design, estimation, various negotiations, and obtaining and applying for permits and approvals.
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  2. 2 EPC (Engineering  / Procurement / Construction)

    We design the power plant, procure equipment, and carry out construction.
    (Our group company JUWI Shizen Energy Inc. will provide this service)
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  3. 3 O&M (Operation & Maintenance)

    We support the stable operation of power plants by monitoring and carrying out maintenance services that suit the needs of each plant. (Our group company JUWI Shizen Energy Operation Inc. will provide this service.)
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  4. 4 Financing

    We offer services for financing the construction of new power plants and provide support to commercialize projects that may have been suspended due to lack of funding.
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  5. 5 Asset Management

    We provide services for acquisitions and operation management of mega solar power plants.
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