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Photovoltaic Power Business

Photovoltaic Power Business

This is a method of generation that can flexibly adapt to the features of different types of land, and can take the form of a mega solar installation on a former golf course or a solar sharing project installed on agricultural land.


The Shizen Energy Group is engaged in everything from land development to construction and post-construction operation/maintenance.
With a comprehensive understanding of all relevant fields, including land characteristics and the construction process, we assume 20 years of operation/maintenance and will make integrated efforts to maximize the amount of power generated. You can depend on us in this time.
Leveraging our know how, we can also offer assistance with things like fundraising for construction of the power plant and commercialization of dormant projects.


  1. 1Development

    Our work covers preparations for the installation of power plants, such as surveying lands, engineering, making projections, acquiring the necessary permits and completing procedures.
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  2. 2Constructions

    We design power plants, procure equipment, and carry out construction.
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  3. 3Operations and Maintenance

    We support stable operation of power plants by monitoring and carrying out maintenance services that suit the needs of each plant.
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  4. 4Finance

    We provide help for starting new solar/wind/small hydroelectric power businesses and rebuilding the projects suspended due to a lack of funds.
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  5. 5Asset Management

    We make proposals for the appropriate purchase and business management of small hydroelectric power plants.
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