Young Talent Hire (Entry in 2025)

Shizen Energy Group Young Talent Hire
Company Message

Take a step beyond self-realisation. Be the Change.

Take a moment to think about what do you want to achieve with your career.
To become financially rich?
Expand your abilities and possibilities?
Or to live life the way you really want to?
There’s no denying that all of this is really important.

But try taking a step beyond this kind of self-realisation,
What if you could do a job that improves the society and the world that you are connected to?
That connects you with finite and diverse nature and communities built around it?
How great would we feel if we were able to create a sustainable future for our world?

On our mission to Take Action for the Blue Planet, we are looking for partners who want to work together to create a world that is ultimately powered just by renewable energy.

With your knowledge and potential, do you want to be the change?

【Shizen Energy Group’s Purpose】  
Please watch the video (in English) below to find out more about our Purpose: “We take action for the Blue Planet”.

Director’s Message 

 The move towards decarbonisation is now gaining momentum around the world. We’re not just talking about the energy industry – all industries are looking out for greener solutions, and it can be said that the times are about to change dramatically.

 Shizen Energy Group is consistently engaged in renewable energy production business, which is a particularly important part of the decarbonisation trend. Rather than simply developing power plants and then operating them, we offer a wide variety of solutions and services, including the development, construction, operation and maintenance of power plants in an integrated manner. We are particularly careful in considering solutions that work well with the local industry, infrastructure and communities in order to develop power plants responsibly. While we have been at the forefront of the renewable energy industry for a decade, we are also a company that is not fixated on what already exists on the market, but is always thinking and taking action on what is needed for the future. For example, the future of energy is about to undergo a major structural change through the integration of digital technology. We want to lead the next generation of energy companies, not only by building power plants, but also by diving into the energy tech sector, which is a cross between energy and IT.

 Shizen Energy Group is proud to have crew members from all over the world who share our purpose and have a strong desire to make the future a better place. Together, let’s create the future as our own.

Kenji Kawado, Shizen Energy Co-Founder and Director

Who we’re looking for

People who can demonstrate leadership at turning points in society, involve others, and take on the challenge of realising a better society.
Are you willing to be the starting point for changing the world by making social issues your own?
Can you demonstrate leadership in your own way and build consensus?
Can you cooperate with a diverse group of people internationally and with respect?

Society is undergoing a major change, and being involved in the process of sharing and realising ideas with local people in the midst of this change brings an overwhelming sense of growth and the feeling that we are leading social change together, even before the grand vision is achieved.


Interviews with Young Crew 

Randy Albertus / Accounting and Tax Dept., Consolidation Group

Gosuke Ando / Energy Creation Business Unit, Asset Management Dept., Operation Group

Kevin Ray Lucas / Energy Creation Business Unit, Engineering Dept.

Q1. What motivated you to join Shizen Energy Group (SEG)? What is your career background?
Randy: There are two reasons why I decided to work at SEG. First, I always wanted to work at a company that is providing a real contribution or value to society and does not only prioritize profit. I was charmed by SEG’s purpose, “Take action for the blue planet”, and its vision, “Co-create a 100% renewable-powered planet”. As someone who was born and grew up in a developing country, I found that RE is one of the key solutions to reduce the gap between developing and developed countries. Every country has its own RE resources (wind, sunlight, water, gas, etc), and if those are developed, each country could become sustainable in its energy production so their financial resources could be used to fund other important areas which are important for the development of the country, like education and healthcare.

Secondly, I don’t want to work in a typical strict corporate atmosphere. I always wanted to work at a company that supports its employees to unleash their true potential while respecting each character and not forcing everyone to be the same. I believe I can be myself and fall in love with my work in that kind of environment. I feel that SEG has what I was looking for when I was in the interview stage. Fortunately, I knew my feeling was right as soon as I entered SEG.

Q2. What are your current job responsibilities?
Randy: I am working with the consolidation team within the accounting and tax department (AT). The team was started at the end of 2021. Currently, we are building the structure of the team while creating a consolidated financial report at the same time, which is not easy. However, my work will enable SEG to see the financial result of Shizen Energy as a group. I’m proud to say that my team and I were the first ones who mapped all related companies within SEG. I love this work since not only I’m doing what I love, this job also enables me to get to know and work together with many crews from different departments, companies and countries. I was lucky I could participate as a committee member in ALL Meeting 2022 too.

Q3. What are your aspirations at SEG?
Randy: I want to make SEG the most trusted partner among the stakeholders. Our stakeholders comprise many parties, including the Shizen’s crews (employees), business partners, investors, lenders, suppliers, the government, and every household that uses electricity. The first objective is to be able to deliver the financial report accurately and in a timely manner. Secondly, to provide that financial information for the management so they could use it to make the most correct business decisions for the company. To do that, the AT team will play a big role and I need to help build my team.

Q1. What motivated you to join Shizen Energy Group (SEG)?
Gosuke: I was inspired and excited by the future envisioned by the founders in which we live in harmony with RE. I love to travel, and during my long holidays as a student, I used to travel all over Japan with the Seishun-18 ticket. While I was amazed by the fascinating food and culture I encountered in each region, I was also reminded of the current state of depopulation. In the future envisioned by the founders, RE power plants would not be built in major cities, but as an asset rooted in each region that would attract funds and people. I joined the company because I believed that through SEG, RE would not only solve the problem of global warming, but would also create funds and jobs in each region and protect the food and culture of the community.

Q2. What are your current job responsibilities?
Gosuke: I work in the Asset Management Dept., operating and managing solar power plants after they have been constructed. In the operation of power plants, there are stakeholders, including banks that provide financing, investors, O&M companies that manage the plant, and companies that handle accounting and tax procedures and much more. While building a cooperative relationship with stakeholders, I try to control risks and maximize profits from a medium- to long-term perspective. Because multiple solar power plants need to be managed simultaneously and I need to make decisions on behalf of investors, it is necessary to have the ability to handle multiple tasks and have extensive knowledge for decision making. Each day, I really appreciate the advice that I can receive from senior crew members to carry out my tasks.

Q3. What are your aspirations at SEG?
Gosuke: I would like to increase the number of solar power plants around the world that can continue to generate electricity safely and stably for as long as possible. In recent years, disasters caused by post-developed solar power plants have been occurring frequently, and it has become not uncommon for what was built for a better future to have a negative impact on the surrounding environment and neighboring residents. Each power plant has different characteristics depending on the country and regional environment and conditions, as well as on the person who designed it. I would like to increase the number of forever-Earth-friendly solar power plants by providing appropriate maintenance, repair, and value enhancement for each power plant.

Q1. What motivated you to join Shizen Energy Group (SEG)? What is your career background?
Kevin: I met Shizen Energy through a career fair organized by JICA in Tokyo. In this event, there were various companies which seemed to provide a good start to my career in Japan. Among these companies, Shizen Energy stood out as it was not as popular, however, had ambitious activities despite the company’s youth. Also, unlike others, the members of Shizen Energy were very engaged in explaining the company’s mission and vision, while also assessing the value I can provide to their modest team. Through these short conversations, Shizen Energy opened to me the opportunity to create an impact to different regions around the world through RE regardless of my short career.
RE and climate change mitigation has always been of interest to me. I grew up exposed to the outdoors and saw the impact of climate change on the environment in local communities in the Philippines. Putting together growing up in a family that worked in the Philippines’s energy industry, working in a power plant EPC company myself, studying about climate change and meteorology, and me wanting my activities to have a big impact unlike what it would be in a large rigid company, venturing into RE with Shizen Energy seemed logical.

Q2. What are your current job responsibilities?
Kevin: I am currently a wind resource and siting manager, as well as a general project manager for all the company’s wind energy projects. I manage a team that deals with site assessment, layout identification, and wind simulations. Given these are the center of every wind energy project, I coordinate in between and collaborate with different work streams such as M&A, ESG, cash flow modeling, financing, legal, procurement, among others.
In a general sense, I see my responsibility as everything required to develop, build, and operate a power plant that will generate as much electricity as possible through wind energy to offset global carbon emissions.

Q3. What are your aspirations at SEG?
Kevin: Policies are integral to completely decarbonizing global energy supply. Current policies, however, have not been effective enough to push and implement this yet, mostly I feel due to lack of comprehensive understanding of the social, environmental, political, and economic systems that are entangled around the RE industry. Through my work in Shizen Energy, I aspire to understand these systems well, and hopefully be one of the key policy makers sometime in the later years of my career.


Recruitment Details
Form of employmentPermanent contract
Required qualifications

・Those who are graduating (or are expected to graduate) from a university, in Japan or overseas, with a bachelor or masters degree, between September 2024 and September 2025
・Alternatively, those who have already graduated and have some working experience in the renewable energy sector or other similar industry
・Understanding and being able to relate to our Purpose and Values
・A desire to help solve societal problems and challenge the unknown through the use of renewable energy


Regular employee (department/role to be decided based on preferences and training)

Place of employmentTokyo office (〒103-0023 Engo Building, 2-4-7 Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Fukuoka office (〒810-0062 Fukuoka Ohori Building, 1-1-6 Arato, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Pref.) 
Projected start of employment

Within 2025
・Students graduating from Japanese universities would normally be expected to join in April 2025.
・For anyone else (e.g. those graduating from overseas universities or those already graduated), starting date will be decided based on your circumstances.


Starting at approximately 3,500,000 JPY per annum

・Twice yearly salary band review
・Annual raises depending on performance

AllowancesOvertime allowance (up to 45 hours allowance included in pay, full amount paid from 0 hours and up)
Commuting allowance (limits apply)
Pay raiseOnce a year, depending on performance and evaluation
BonusTwice yearly
Working hoursFully flexible, 8 hours/day (no core time; 1 hour break)
Flex place system (e.g. remote work or working from a region within Japan)
HolidaysSaturdays/Sundays/Public holidays (with days off in lieu if needed); Year-end & New Year holiday
Paid annual leave (accruable); special time off (e.g. for family emergencies/childcare)
Shizen Energy special leave (for self-development/improving business skills/caring about own health/spending time with loved ones)
Maternity & Paternity leave, etc.
InsuranceEmployment insurance, worker’s accident insurance, statutory health insurance, welfare annuity insurance
  • Visa sponsorship provided to qualified candidates
  • Side work permitted (please consult for more information)
  • Qualification support
  • Monetary support for life events (congratulations and condolences)
  • Full social benefit coverage & life insurance scheme
  • Cycle commute support scheme
  • Relocation and secondment assistance
  • Career Navigation system (ability to change roles within the company)


  • “Umibu Yamabu”
    Company organised activities that allow our crew to bond with nature.
    Connect with the great outdoors, experience it, and learn from professionals along the way.
  • “All Meeting”
    Annual event where our crew from around the world comes together to work and play in nature.
  • Values Committee & Learning sessions
    We believe that what ultimately connects all of our crew are our Values. To promote Values in the grassroots, we hold regular learning sessions where colleagues find out more about how they can reflect Values in their work and connect with crew from other departments.
  • Club activities
    Excellent opportunity to connect with colleagues in an informal environment. From a futsal team to a cat lovers circle, there’s bound to be something for everyone!


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