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EnergyTech Business

This involves the design of digitalized power generation infrastructure


The Shizen Energy Group is engaged in a wide range of businesses from constructing, operating, and maintaining renewable energy power plants, to selling electricity.
In our energy tech activities, we explore how to proactively use of digital technology for operational efficiency and propose energy utilization models which create values for all.
Our energy tech segment provides these digital technologies as an open platform.
We aim to design a digitized power infrastructure which enables us to realize a society where reasonably priced electricity flows flexibly and organically in society, and sustains a safe and comfortable life.


  1. 1For power generation operators, O&M service providers

    We offer cloud services to support your business with the accumulated know-how of our own power generation and O&M services.
    We provide support for remote monitoring and analysis utilizing IoT/AI, going paperless, labor-saving operation and increasing your revenue from sales of electricity generated.

  2. 2For electricity consumers and retailers

    With an energy management system that allows you to reduce electricity cost and to easily actualize an environmentally friendly use of energy, we deliver solutions for regional challenges, smart homes with IoT/AI, and alternative power distribution with the use of blockchain technology.