Minimum Grid BusinessMinimum Grid Business
Minimum Grid Business

Minimum Grid Business

We propose a lifestyle incorporating renewable energy by combining solar panels, storage batteries, and optimal control systems.


The “minimum grid” is based on the idea of ​​self-sufficient electricity on sunny days while reducing the time spent on large-scale power plants such as thermal power and nuclear power.

By combining photovoltaic panels, storage batteries, and optimal control systems, a facility that only consumes electricity turns into a small power base.

While making the most of the benefits of renewable energy, when the cloudy days hold and a lot of electricity is consumed, we can comfortably purchase electricity from the power line and incorporate renewable energy easily into our daily lives.

Producing electricity from local natural energy and using it locally in everyday life, which means energy self-sustaining. We believe that increasing the number of small power plants that produce electricity from renewable energy will lead to create the society with more flexibility in response to disaster.


We offer more economical electricity for daily use. In the event of a power outage, our system will continue to supply electricity to protect your daily lives and business activities.
As the grid connection is continued, there is no need to worry about shortage of power even when the cloudy days hold.

Our system can be installed wherever there is a roof that gets sunlight.
We would like to propose a third-party ownership and electricity sales model (TPO-PPA model *) that is not required initial investment.

  1. 1What you can do
    • 1.During the day, electricity is supplied by sunlight and by storage batteries during the night. We can help to reduce electricity bills (peak cut) when the time with high electricity rate and high electricity consumption by using surplus electricity during the day.
    • 2.Our system can continue to supply electricity when disaster occurs. It can be used as an effective energy solution at a disaster prevention base or a response to the infrastructure in a business continuity plan (BCP).
    • 3.Electricity accounts for the majority of energy consumption in business activities. Switching to renewable energy is effective as one of the environmental measures.
  2. 2Example of installation

    – Public facilities and schools
    – Hospital / Welfare Facilities
    – Commercial establishment
    – Housing, etc.

*This is a model in which Shizen Energy Group bears the initial investment in the installation of facilities and sells the generated electricity to customers.