Shizen Energy Group sponsored weMORI, the world’s first dedicated forest action app


Shizen Energy Group supports weMORI‘s activities, and is pleased to support the crowdfunding for the app development.

weMORI is an organization that aims to realize the Age of Regeneration in Japan. They are an international non-profit organization born and bred. As a first step, weMORI is developing an app that is easy to conserve and regenerate the world’s rapidly declining tropical forests at your fingertips. Through the weMORI app which allows you to use the global forest Individuals can start conservation and restoration projects with one click.

Under the slogan “Take action for the blue planet.” Shizen Energy Group has been working on the Efforts have been made to promote renewables both domestically and internationally with the goal of carbonization and autonomous decentralization.

Unfortunately, however, the environmental impact of the construction of renewable energy power plants is not zero. Even though the environmental impact is far less than that of conventional power sources, Shizen Energy Group is determined to face this reality. as well as minimizing the environmental impact caused by the widespread use of renewable energy. We have been trying to design a design that makes the most of the original terrain as much as possible and a construction plan that eliminates logging as much as possible. In addition to the efforts we can make in the field, we will also cooperate with those who are trying to protect and restore nature.

Let’s all work together to take action for the blue earth to the future.

about weMORI: