Shizen Energy’s three founders selected as runner-up in Forbes JAPAN Japan’s BEST 10 Entrepreneurs


Ken Isono, Kenji Kawado, and Masaya Hasegawa, co-founders and Representative Directors of the company, were ranked runner-up in Japan’s Start-up of the Year 2023: Japan’s BEST 10 Entrepreneurs, a special feature in the January 2023 issue of Forbes JAPAN, the Japanese edition of the world-renowned economic magazine.

Forbes Japan special feature: Japan’s Start-up of the Year 2023

Forbes Japan article: Shizen Energy decarbonizing the world with renewable energy SPA , “A company on this planet that’s making our future sustainable”  (translation of Japanese title)

This ranking started in 2015 with the concept of supporting entrepreneurs who will lead the Japanese economy as the creators of a “new Japan” and is now in its ninth year. Entrepreneurs eligible for review were start-up entrepreneurs who were unlisted as of September 27, 2022, the date of the evaluation committee meeting. Twelve of the industry’s leading investors and entrepreneurs judged the candidates on the following five criteria: whether they can succeed globally, whether their market capitalization can exceed 100 billion yen, the track record and growth potential of their business with an emphasis on time to success, the maturity of their CEO and management team, and whether they are working to solve social issues.