1. SEG Future Hub vol.2~ Workshop to discuss “What is the leadership that you can demonstrate now?” ~
  2. Shizen Energy signs MoU with CESEL for collaboration in the Nigerian renewable energy market
  3. Open a new satellite office in Fukuoka
  4. Shizen Energy issues “SDGs Support Private Placement Bonds” – Make donations from Resona Bank to SDGs related organizations  through issuing the bonds
  5. “Use” and “Eat” will lead to the future Shizen Energy offers promotion in collaboration with On-the-slope Inc.
  6. Investment in Inter Local Partners, a Firm Engaged in Projects of Local Revitalization and Production of Local Communities
  7. Shizen Energy Group was selected for LinkedIn’s own survey “TOP STARTUPS”
  8. Shizen Energy Completes Construction of First Solar Power Plant in Brazil
  9. Shizen Energy signs agreement with Ideol for the joint development of commercial-scale floating wind farm
  10. Shizen Energy Group announces the launching of the “Kitakyushu Hibikinada Wind & Solar Power Plant” as the Second Wind Power Plant Development Project – Juxtaposition of a Large (Approximately 5-MW) Wind Turbine and a Solar Power Plant –
  11. Shizen Energy Participates in the 2nd Demonstration Experiment of Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Certificates with Tracking Information and Obtains Certificates from Power Plants in Shizen Energy Group -Proposal of power more closely adapted to customer needs in
  12. Supply of CO2-neutral Power Produced in Nagano Prefecture to the Venue of a G20 Ministerial Meeting