New SE Debut Electricity Purchasing Plan Launched 1% of money collected from electric bills to be used for environmental contributions that increase use of renewable energy

2019.12.27[Press Release]

On December 17, 2019, Shizen Energy Inc. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Directors: Ken Isono, Kenji Kawado, Masaya Hasegawa; hereinafter “Shizen Energy”) launched its SE Debut electricity purchasing plan for individual consumers. This plan will make it easier for consumers to use “Shizen’s Denki”, while providing them an option that helps bolster efforts to increase numbers of renewable energy power plants.

Until now, Shizen Energy has been offering two types of electricity purchasing plans—Shizen Energy Electricity (SE100) which is essentially 100% renewable with a CO2 emission factor of zero, and Shizen Energy Electricity (SE30) which is essentially 30% renewable(*1). The new SE Debut electricity plan makes it easier to use electricity without changing the electricity supply structures of existing plans. For example, it is estimated that electricity bills will decrease for roughly 75% of residents in the city of Tokyo if they switch from their standard plan to SE Debut (based on Shizen Energy research(*2)).

Shizen Energy has also begun utilizing a scheme involving the Shizen Foundation to direct roughly 1% of money received from monthly electric bills to be spent on increasing the number of renewable energy power plants(*3). This will make it possible to have more renewable energy power plants available more quickly as customer numbers increase. Information about investments and other expenditures will be reported on the “Shizen’s Denki” website.

Shizen Energy will accelerate the increase in high-quality renewable energy power plants worldwide by having customers who use “Shizen’s Denki” participate in Co-Creating a 100% Renewable-Powered World.

Shizen Energy Electricity comparison of plans and rates for individual customers*2

Some of the electricity supplied through this renewable energy-based electricity service is generated at renewable energy power plants (FIT) (solar & hydroelectric power) established and owned by the Shizen Energy Group.

How to apply

Visit the Shizen Energy Electricity website ( to apply.


*1: Shizen Energy has been supplying electricity such as effectively 100% renewable energy and electricity with a CO2 emission factor of zero by purchasing non-fossil fuel energy (renewable energy designation) certificates. In fiscal 2018, Shizen Energy achieved a CO2 emission factor of zero (for the SE100 plan). However, since non-fossil fuel energy certificates are purchased through market transactions, it might not be possible to acquire sufficient amounts of them. Actual performance is reported on a fiscal year basis. For the SE30 plan, Shizen Energy is effectively providing electricity from 30% renewable energy by purchasing non-fossil fuel energy certificates that cover 30% of the amount of electricity consumed (kWh).
*2: CO2 Zero indicates a CO2 emission factor of zero. Also, anticipated annual CO2 emissions reduction calculates annual CO2 absorption by a single cedar tree as 14 kg based on Carbon Dioxide Absorption by Forests (Kanto Regional Forest Office/ Forestry Agency) and national average coefficient in fiscal 2016, when simulations are run assuming monthly average usage of 444.3 kWh (50 A) by four-person households (as of September 2019). A pie chart indicates electric bill data for customers in Tokyo with Shizen Energy Electricity SE100 contracts for 10 to 60 contract amperes from October 2018 through September 2019 and calculated estimates based on this data for what rates would be under SE30 and SE Debut plans and compares these against rates when using TEPCO Energy Partner’s Meter-Rate Lighting B plan.
*3: When using meter rate lighting plans. Low voltage electricity and high voltage are 0.5%. Excludes amount corresponding to effective tax rate, renewable energy-related charges, and other miscellaneous/overhead costs.