Shizen International Invests in Bison Energy Group

2022.12.16[Press Release]

Shizen International Inc. (Shizen International), a Shizen Energy Group company, announces that it has invested in Bison Energy Group (Bison) and has taken a minority equity share in Bison Energy Group.

Bison is a leading international private renewable power company with operations in Asia-Pacific and Europe regions. Bison was established in 2016 and within 6 years, was able to expand to 5 countries. , with an additional target of 3GW in solar generation by 2025. In addition, Bison has been successful in securing government subsidies with its track record of working with the Japanese government on rooftop solar initiatives.

This investment will enhance the partnership and cooperation for both companies in Japan and across key regions in Asia-Pacific and Europe, which enables both companies to combine their collective experience to drive investment and grow their influence and position to accelerate renewable energy transition globally.

This investment enables Shizen Energy Group to leverage, expand and reach new regions of Asia Pacific which Bison has expertise and strong network of projects. Also, it will assist Bison to enter into new business areas including corporate PPA,  , wind power and other renewable energy projects with Shizen Energy Group’s knowledge and experience.

Michael Zhang, Bison CEO commented “The collaboration epitomizes the shared values of both companies. Through this, Bison can further grow on Shizen Energy Group’s expertise of technological innovation and future thinking. Bison & Shizen will share and execute on ingenuity and attention to detail to create a truly   portfolio that will see this partnership operating and managing projects in existing and new global markets”.

Alvin Koh, Shizen Malaysia CEO who has also been appointed as a Director of Bison Energy Group, added “We are excited to enter into this partnership with Bison to collaboratively expand Shizen Energy Group’s footprint into strategic markets including new markets in Asia-Pacific where Bison has more than 1GW of pipeline under development.

The acquisition is strategic as SEG sets its plans to bring renewable energy solutions across the globe and we are looking forward to working closely with Bison’s experienced team in driving our purpose to take action for our blue planet.“


[About Bison Energy Group]

Bison Energy is a global partner for environmentally-friendly energy, philosophized by “Powered by Nature”. Since 2016, Bison has been committed worldwide to sustainable energy projects and the production of clean, environmentally friendly power. As an international leading large-scale renewable energy developer and investor, Bison has a portfolio of projects across Europe, East-Asia and Australia.

 - Headquarters: 6F, SEIKA BLDG., 2-7-6, Nihonbashi, Kayaba-Cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, 103-0025  Japan
 - CEO: Michael Zhang
 - URL:

[About Shizen International Inc.]

Established September, 2020. Wholly owned subsidiary of Shizen Energy Inc. (SE).
Manages SE international operations. Currently conducting development and asset management of renewable energy power plants mainly in Southeast Asia and Brazil.


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